Tonight I cooked..........

Soup night - broccoli and stilton
Chocolate orange fudge...


The two missing chunks are proof (were it needed) that you should never allow women to be in the same room as chocolate, or chocolate-based confections.
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36 day aged Aldi ribeye with colcannon and hot creamed horseradish sauce.

By 'eck the steak was really tender.

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I wish Aldi had a proper butcher's counter, where one could ask for meat to be cut on request, as the only thing I have against their steak is it's far too thin due to price being king.
Sod that; I want mine an inch thick in order to caramelise the outside but keep the centre nigh on raw & don't care that my average steak weighs 14oz & costs £10-£15.
It's not as if I'm eating one every week.

OK, rant over...:wink:
Calm down, Great Britain:
"Long lasting emergency food will ensure that your basic needs are taken care of in an emergency situation lasting up to a week! Be prepared during a hard Brexit or sudden food shortages.
- 9x Microwave ready packages (Tikka Masala, Lamb Hotpot, Salmon, ...)
- 8x Canned food (Tomato Soup, Lentil Soup, Beef pies, ...)
- 1st Aid Kit (Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, ...)
* Actual contents delivered may vary depending on availability when the pre Brexit period happens. But enough food for 14 meals will be delivered. "
Keep that bollaux where it belongs, don't drag it into this thread ffs.
Well don't get condemned in Texas. A few years ago, one prisoner kicked the arse out of it and ordered 3 or 4 meals. It was something like steak, burgers, pizza, BBQ, ice cream etc, and never ate any of it. The state then banned special last meals and they get whatever is on the menu that day.

Seems weird, they spend millions on prosecuting him, keeping him on death row through millions more in appeals, then balk because he wasted a couple hundred dollars on food. Oh well, he's dead now.
All I can say is, screw TX. As I said before, the only place I would live there is in Austin.
There are dozens of variations of shakshuka, based on what you have to hand, and which country you are from.

I believe the American slang for it would be 'Run with what you brung'.

But as I don't profess to be an expert in Spam slang that could be total b*llocks.
I usually chuck in to a pan whatever's in my cupboard - can't be that bad right!?
All I can say is, screw TX. As I said before, the only place I would live there is in Austin.
I'd rather just avoid committing a capital crime in any state, to be honest.

10-30 years on Death Row for a steak dinner (that you might not get due to more senior condemnees fcuking it up for everyone else) doesn't seem like a good deal to me :)
mush_dad will you marry me?
Thank you for your interest in the position of current mrs_mush

Unfortunately there are no vacancies at this time for the current mrs_mush position. I will keep your resume on file, subject to GPDR access permissions, and will contact you in the future should such a position become available.

Yours Sincerely

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