Tonight I cooked..........


Bagel again this time with applewood smoked cheddar and kielbasa.

Whats in the bleedin' fridge soup for brunch.

Sliced shallots and julienne of soggy carrot & bendy celery gently fried in butter with a torn up slice of stale bread & some chopped chunks of liver pate in chicken stock.

Looks crap, tasted great.



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It was yesterday (I forgot)

Chicken breast stuffed with Stilton, covered in bacon mushroom and mini peppers slices...
Looked like road kill but tasted ok


It was yesterday (I forgot)

Chicken breast stuffed with Stilton, covered in bacon mushroom and mini peppers slices...
Looked like road kill but tasted ok
Looks feck all like road kill, and I should know I've eaten enough.
Tartare sauce......All I do is chuck in a couple of spoons of mayo, about two tsp of chopped capers, bit of black pepper and salt. Job jobbed, it's not alchemy! However you guys crack on making squeezy cheese, yes I know it's not really cheese per se...... But when I am leathered it's manna from the gods!
Try adding some gherkins and a bit of lemon juice. Makes all the difference.
Tonight, I didn't cook...

If you are looking for a good channel for inspiration, check out this Japanese guy:

He is a janitor/chef for dormitory in Japan and he cooks for a dozen people all the time. Plus his family, of which he has about a dozen kids himself. Randy Jap bastard. Anyway. He gives lots of very simple tips and ideas (not in Engrish I'm afraid). I've cooked some of the best food of my life after watching his channel. It's soul food, it's not fussy. You'll learn a thing or two. He's a really good father. He works very hard. His family eat like kings every day.

I'm up for my third pizza in a row tonight. Going to try not to fall asleep in a drunken haze and burn the bastard (again) - I would post pics, but you know... The oven turns itself off so no risk of greater injury or death. Sometimes the food is still edible in the morning. That is a good day...
Just watching that is making me hungry!
Sausages and roast veg, dressed with Nando's finest
Get sommat to eat then. How you've survived in big bad world is a fookin miracle.
Indeed my friend, indeed. I contemplate myself that sometimes! As we call it, dumb luck!

Sausages and roast veg, dressed with Nando's finest
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I don't think I ever had sausages with Nando's sauce before - should try it out sometime. Looks delish anyways, and good choice of beer. Doom Bar used to be one of the few "room temp-ish" UK beers I actually liked.
A few days ago the oh did a chilli con carne as she often does. (I didn't cook it, so it wasn't posted here) She usually adds various spices and some peri peri and it's pretty decent. Anyway, it tasted fine if a little hot and I said "Used a bit more peri peri or crushed chilli than usual haven't you?" "I tried a different one to peri peri" she said. About 30 seconds had passed after the first mouthful by now..."Christ, WTF did you use" says I in a sort of squeaky voice. "This," she croaked after fetching it.

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I buy the chilis from Spice Island in Stratford, there's one in Borough Market. They also do a v hot reaper sauce.
Chicken and mushroom noodle soup, chinese spiced, left over from chicken earlier in the week.
The darkness appears to have leached from the chinese mushrooms but it's just how i like it, a proper rib sticker.
If you are looking for an alternative to cornflour for thickening, I can wholly recommend 'xanthan gum' but don't use anywhere near as much volume as cornflour.

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For anyone looking for xanthan gum, go to the gluten free section of your supermarket. It's "meh" but does add a wee bit of elasticity...
Cheers PB.
Your recipe has given me an idea for a similar dish as I can't do deep or shallow fry proper round bhajis. I wonder how it would work following your recipe but squashing 'em flat ala rosti, only onion bhaji.
I'll give it a go and post the result.
You can bake em fine, can't beat fried but if you must. Baked Onion Bhajis

Let them cook quite a lot in a pan and then drop them in the mix, leave for 20 and grip to get shape, bake.
Tonight it was Cauli Brock and macaroni, with grated nutmeg over everything,in a light cheese sauce and mackerel pate

(tried the cauli in cheese sauce at Flunch in Citi De Europ a couple of days ago , (had a little with my Mussels and chips and it had a slight taste of nutmeg about it)... so tried it myself .... different taste altogether, but very nice

celebrating the fact, after 5 weeks on the piss in the Motorhome , over eating and welll over drinking , I actually lost 2 kgs....wife lost a load of weight as well, probably due to a lack of chocolate biscuits
Not so much cooked but thrown together from fridge contents


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