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If you are not going to be a serious port drinker (no slur intended) then it might be best to match the port with the cheese you intend to have.
Very generally cheaper ports tend to be that little bit sweeter in taste, while more expensive vintage and aged ports are a bit more fruity and smoother.

Essentially younger ports might be that bit cheaper while the older ports can cost up to lots.

My initial suggestion would be to try a tawny with the cheese, then give it a go with white port (you might be surprised).
Follow that with trying something like a Taylor, a Warre or a Graham to see which you prefer. But, be careful because if you really start to enjoy port you will want to mix it with brandy which will start a brand new game.

Incidentally the following might be of some use for a start:

The Serious Eats Guide to Port

Cheese and Port matching guide - Decanter

Remember young ports will most likely last longer in the bottle while old ports should be decanted and drunk fairly soon.
Or put lemonade in it:nod:
from his 15 minute prepare meal book, took 45 minutes to prepare and 20 mins to cook.
might go back to tom kerridge or rick stein, but not nigella as she is too annoying
Tom Kerridge, whose recipe for sausage and mash has 40 ingredients and takes 3 weeks to cook, that Tom Kerridge?

Oh, and do yourself a favour and buy an Early Learning set of capital letters, if you keep rearranging them you'll soon get the hang of how they work.


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Sausage and pasta casserole tonight, I'll bang a pic up once I get home from work and cook it.
Bought some half price super lean turkey mince from the end of date fridge and puzzled over what to do with it, such are my retirement days.
Turkey mince chili on brown basmati:

Can't stand red kidney beans so I use black eyed peas instead. I don't know why I don't like kiddley beans, never have.
I still can't feel my tongue, so tomorrows 'Montezuma's revenge' will be entertaining.
Too much lemon, it must have been overpowering.
I can understand your comment but strangely it was not overpowering at all. Considering that the amount of lemon used in two servings was for four chicken breasts and that the OH normally doesn't care for lemony things, it really was very good and she enjoyed it.

I forgot to mention that the filling also included sea salt which took the edge off the sourness & coarse ground black pepper.
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Ta muchly, and thankyou to all that responded. As I said yeah I can make croutons no worries, it's not tricky. But every attempt of doing any that last longer than thirty seconds in a hot soup no chance, can you buy nomex cooking spray ? Will try the sourdough method first. At one point i thought what if i just compressed the bread first, not quite so it was basically just dough again, but enough to make it a bit more resilient. I suppose i could just blag them off with cup a soups with a few fresh ingredients in he he
Just an update on this, I was having soup tonight and went to make some croutons. Normally I use olive oil with some garlic added, but tonight I found I was out of olive oil and used some light veg oil instead (spry I think), and the croutons cooked faster and came out super crispy. Must be to do with the higher temperature that the oil heats to.
Half-side salmon and black pepper;

IMG_1226 fish.JPG

Brocalli, french beans and small spuds;

broccoli thanks to Stonker

IMG_1227 fish2.JPG

To serve four, half term, we have teachers staying.
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