Tonight I cooked..........

I don't actually mind baked beans on their own (as alluded to by @ancienturion up there, I have posted them before). Where I do object is their inclusion in a cooked breakfast or with any other foodstuff except toast.

It's their cloying, sickly sweet, luminescent tomato spunk that coats everything else that is the abomination.
You should write for a food guide :)
Ham and veg risotto. Use pudding rice, it's exactly the same sort but cheaper. Plenty of stock white wine, lots of veg some ham. Keep stirring, slop in some cream frech or cream. Sprinkle of cheese serve with rest of white plonk. Enjoy.


Tonight's efforts

A little charcuterie

Some sushi/sashimi

Bang bang chicken

Buffalo wings

Beef & green peppers, black bean sauce, Singapore noodles.
Kippers, breakfast of champions.

Sunday supper, the current mrs_mush can reduce a plate of lamb chops from this

To this

She claims it's the chimmichurri sauce that makes her do it.
Pasta and spicy bolognese. Well worth the couple of hours it spent in the oven

Why go for Spam when for loads less you can have the processed yummy delights of the "only two slices made it to the pan because my mouth slipped ok !"

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In Bastion I chose sweet and sour pork, imagine my surprise when the pork was Bacon Grill, I would have probably had the Grill on its own

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