Tonight I cooked..........

Posted a lot of sh1t in my time but I've never delivered a piss pizza.
I'm surprised you'd never heard the term piss pizza as they were Goatroutar's preferred method of retaliation, that's the only place I've ever heard the term.
Indeed, I had never heard of it. It did raise a titter here. Though I would probably get the dog to piss in the bowl, don't want DNA evidence :)

And be veery careful with placing the bowl in the freezer :)

That said, it wouldn't be half the fun here, the mailbox is on a post at the end of the drive. Just get some wet stinky mail.

Not the North East.

The North West.
How can Yorkshire not be in the North East going by those maps?
Yorkshire is nearly France.
Chicken kebabs, goat's cheese stuffed mushrooms, caramelised onion.



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Garlic, herb and lemon porchetta.

Honey and parsley roast carrots.

Parmesan potatoes.

An effect best achieved by laying across the meal two sets of stripes, each at right angles to the other, using squeezy bottles or piping bags, filled with (say) tomato ketchup, mustard, green pesto and Bovril in the desired sequence until the required pattern is complete.

Just a thought. Let me know how you get on with it.
Made a batch of chicken curry using the base mix I knocked up the other day.
Two things stood out from trying some on Wednesday; the recipe doesn't use enough chilli powder, methi or tomato for my tastes & food dye makes a real difference to how the finished curry looks (much more authentic Indian restaurant stylee).

Third thing stands out: The bloody image file is corrupt on the SD card.

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