Tonight I cooked..........


Well I burnt some peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms and a leek before bunging it in the casserole dish, I then tried my best to brown the shanks, (they are sort of browned in the few places they could just about touch the pan) lobbed those in on top, threw in a bunch of chopped celery, spuds, carrots and turnips and filled it up with a stock of veggy gravy. on a medium heat for the next three hours.


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Believe me a .22-250 is more than man enough to head job a Hoggett when its in a field
Unversed in that particular skill set, in my youthful depot days, and faced with a sheep that had strayed into a field firing range and copped in its abdomen and hind quarters, a burst of 5-10 RDS from a GPMG just before I could call "STOOPPP!!" in the approved manner, I tried head jobbing the creature with an SLR, at CQB-style close range.

Not only was it messier than I had bargained for, it was a bit of a surprise to me that having taken all that punishment aft, and a shot between the eyes for good measure, the dozy fecker was still able to look me in the eye and go 'baaaa'!!
Cod loin coated with granary flour and shallow fried with chips and peas.

I love fruitcake, no one else here does, same with marzipan and the late FiL used to ship us a Corsicana fruit ring every year until he carked it!
Didn't have a limp before he passed on, did he? Just asking, like :)
under all the mush there was a delicious pork steak tatties were just boiled in their skins , the sauce was interesting... piece of leftover red pepper from something last week standard cheap supermarket mushrooms , and onion gently fried in butter then added to a supermarket creamy mild pepper sauce

strangely it worked beautifully
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