Tonight I cooked..........

Meh. You have Bisto, we have 2 inch thick steaks :)
How to get your luggage unpacked by US Customs: Bring in a couple of bags of ground coffee.
They don't particularly like you smuggling Marmite in either, I've lost a couple of jars to US Customs agents.
I think they struggled with the classification of yeast. :rolleyes:
Duh! They sell it here though and that other abomination; vegemite.

We used to bring Blend 37 over with us for holidays as you can't get it here. I always used to tell the Cuzzers that I had coffee in the case and ask if it was ok to bring it in. Never had a problem. However, if you tr to bring in ground coffee and the sniffer dog picks it up then they will have a look through your case - it is used for hiding the smell of a white powdery south american export.
We went to a restaurant recently where they advertised Barnsley Chop on the menu, decided that was for me. You can imagine the look on my face when the plate turned up with 2 of the smallest lamb cutlets turned up which had also been French trimmed to within an inch of their lives, it was basically an eye of meat on a bone. OH told me not to say a word but we definitely won't be going back again!
I sooooooooooooooo feel your pain on this. "Shut it...." Is pants when you've been done over.

I rarely <snigger> order a blue steak nowadays because of the same situation more times than I care to remember.
Something simple tonight, all without lard.
Being a 'Gammon' I thought it would be appropriate.
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