Tonight I cooked..........

Well I think he is a cûnt.

His reading repertoire is simply atrocious, and unbecoming of anyone seeking to signal their ‘cultured side’ within these hallowed halls.
It was really nice when this thread was used by people to describe/show their attempts at cooking instead of falling over each other in efforts to outbid everybody concerning their likes/dislikes of others.


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Tonight did Monkfish wrapped in smoked Salmon, not as good as wrapped in Panchetta, Holandaise sauce but not too bad.

Seasoned the Monkfish seared in a pan the wrapped in the salmon 15 minutes in the oven at gas mk 5 for 15 minutes.


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@Sixty will post a picture of a hastily made meal of hamster proportions but...with a "heavy reading" tome strategically displayed in the foreground....Macaroni cheese and..."Celtic poems about Etruscan pottery 1305-1407" for example
I find it a useful distraction technique for when I dish up a Monster Munch sandwich.
Food of the Gods...
Don't be silly. First of all there's no meat in it, then there's only one slice of sliced bread, cut in half. And, as for butter . . .
I've never figured out how to post a picture on a forum and I cant be arrsed to figure it out.

I make the world's worst Yorkies. My sons call them "Mum's Hockey Puck" I can even balls up the frozen ones.
I've always had a soft spot for pickles (of all varieties), but I can get neither Amsterdam onions nor Piccalilli easily here. So I made my own:

I find it a useful distraction technique for when I dish up a Monster Munch sandwich.
(Trying to work out whether you are a chav, or not)... what flavour Monster munch??
Living lean:

Spam on a spud dressed with cheese
Baked fish a la Lidl:

Spam on spud.jpg
Tandoori chicken curry, fresh from the freezer :)

Family gone walkies again?
Just for the evening. They'll be back in about 2 hours. Hopefully any olfactory evidence will have dissipated.

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