Tonight I cooked..........

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Jorrocks, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Scampi and chips (from frozen) Wife is on duty :-(
    then me and armr jnr made cherry & sultana cake.

    Tomorrow night its the 'delights' of Aramark Bordon, as I'm on duty, I cant wait..............
  2. Tonight I had fusilli pasta with chicken and pancetta with a four cheese, tomato and chilli sauce. God help anybody on the train with me in the morning, hahaha.
  3. apple/pork bangers & mash with rocket/red onion salad
  4. Mutton cawl, with new potatos
  5. I am humbled by your efforts. We should open a restaurant. (I´ll do the washing up!)
  6. Last night it was ham sandwiches. Tonight it'll be haggis, mushy peas and mash.
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  7. I suppose not technically "tonight" but I cooked a good chunk of beef in a pot on the hob (in the absence of an oven) for 4 hours, with parsnips, carrots, onions (in the pot), sautéed potatoes, green beans and peas (cooked separately.) It was bloody excellent and made even better by the fact my wee smelt of asparagus after an asparagus and mayonnaise starter. A nice change from boring French food AGAIN!
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Roast Chicken, buttery mashed tatties , cauliflower cheese and some sweet corn.

    Followed by rice pudding which I buggered up by making a little too sweet, serves me right for not measuring or using recipes!
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    As belly pork was on offer, we had slow roasted belly pork that was cured in thyme, star anise, cloves, salt and sugar. Slow cooked in stock, reserved and set to cool. Portioned, placed in a pan skin side down until crispy then in the oven for 12 mins.Meanwhile, I made a potato, parsnip & parmesan mash with brocolli, carrots. Finished with black pudding crumbled into broad beans and peas with a gravy/jus.

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  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Cottage Pie with a cheddar crust.

    PM if you'd like the recipe.
  11. toasted ham, cheese and banana sandwich followed by trifle with a big blob of ice cream on top, my wife loved it, guess she is easily pleased, but I did do the washing up though while she watched tv
  12. roast chicken with fennel and garlic, new potatoes, steamed cabbage and green beans and gravy - usual Sunday evening fayre

    Cat sat looking longingly at the oven for last half hour of cooking time :D :D
  13. Chicken breast, panfired with garlic, shallots and mushrooms then finished with tomato and demi-glace (gravy to the oiks) Accompanied by fried diced potatoes.
    Dessert of lemon cheesecake made by her indoors.
  14. I'm a tramp....I'll eat whatever you throwaway whilst selling the Big Issue outside my local wi-fi cafe#]
  15. Tomorows dinner is-

    Panfried strips of pork fillet, mushroom and shallots (I like mushrooms and shallots)
    flambe'd with brandy and finished with double cream and a little wholegrain mustard

    Might indulge Mrs Jagman and knock up Crêpe Suzette for pud :)

    And yes, I am a fat bastard :D