Tonight I cooked..........

Eat the egg, ideally with some toast for starters.
If I blitz the mug contents, as instructed, I'm left with an emulsion of raw egg and cold water, which will instantly make my nice hot, buttered toast look and feel like a wee tramp's ancient pished mattress.

Shurely not even a dyed-in-the-wool porridge wog, bred as they are to regard as a royal treat, a diet largely comprising warm damp oats and offal-in-a-bladder, could contemplate ingesting such a travesty, much less at daybreak as a precursor to shouldering his caber to go a-stalking of the wild haggis up the Ben?! :-D
Pan fried salmon fillet with salad and mango chilli dressing.

It was just me for tea tonight so it was Chicken and Mushroom pie, mash and mushy peas [which will have me tootling on the botty flute in the morning no doubt]
Chicken breast stuffed with chorizo and extra mature cheddar and wrapped in smoked bacon served with chips, mixed veg and gravy.



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Simple evening meal tonight. Scrambled eggs and toast. Onion, mushroom and peppers in the eggs. Cholula on the eggs.

Brunch, poached eggs cooked simultaneously in manner as previously described.

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