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Tonight I cooked..........

Chicken fajitas
I haven't posted for a long time in this thread, but thought that this note might be appropriate. The winds of the past few days brought down the power lines in my locality, and the freezers were dead for about 30 hours. On resumption of service, the temperature in the main freezer was -6c, so there shouldn't be too much damage, but it's time for a clearout anyway. Back in 2014, I put a couple of inch-thick sirloins in there and they sort of tectonically gravitated to the back and bottom of the tray, but were found and retrieved last night for defrosting. Dinner this evening produced one of the tastiest, tenderest and texturally outstanding steaks I've had for years. I hope the curries I cooked back then are as good; the next week will tell.

Definitely casserole weather today. Nice bit of stewing beef from the butchers this morning and Bob’s your uncle! :smile:
Tonight's efforts

Smoked salmon, horseradish cream

Venison Wellington, field mushrooms, assorted veg.

Roast fig, Roquefort, honey, toasted almonds.


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And this, kids, is why when chefs on TV recommend using the guide/guard on a kitchen mandolin, do what they f'kin say!!

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