Tonight I cooked..........

Cracking eggs (slight bad pun intended).

Nothing worse than a fried egg which has been sitting under a warming lamp for longer than its Mother was alive.

After a 16 hour day getting back from Alfreton into North Devon, beating the beast from the east, it was neither “cooked tonight” or particularly early:roll:
Sort of breckie- dry fried bacon with some chopped up chorizo a couple of white decreased eggs and brown sauce.... plus tea
Olives, food of the Gods*. Absolutely despised them until my late 30s. Funny how the palate changes over time.

*Only green ones though. Black olives are only mildly less Satanic than cucumber.
There's black olives and there's black olives. Funnily enough the people I know who don't like fresh black olives seem to find the tinned ones or ones in jars palatable.

I first knew mush_lass would become a foodie was when we were on holiday in Devon in the 90s' with some friends and their offspring. The kids would be between the ages of 3-7 (mush_lass was 5 IIRC) my friends kids wouldn't eat much other than cheesy whotsits, cold pizza slices or jam sandwiches (not that there's anything wrong with that), whereas mush_lass was sitting there inserting each finger into a tub of black olives one by one, until she hand one on each finger of each hand, them dipping them into a tub of taramasalata and popping them into her mouth all at once.
Pan fried smoked cod last night........ always steamed it in a little milk, but one of you lot said try it fried in a little butter and it was very tasty.

Many thanks for the tip.
Still no pics?

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