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Tonight I cooked..........

Chicken stir fry, sweet chilli sauce


Book Reviewer
Are there bananas in there ? Or does it just look like monkey- sick ?
Yeah, it looks like tramps puke but there is 'Greek Religion' by Walter Burkert half opened in the pic. The first half of the book does not appear to be well thumbed? Looks like it has been opened and plonked down for effect. One wonders if he has a half opened copy of 'A Brief History of Time' to hand to accompany some lamb chops? Maybe a few volumes of Solzhenitsyn would go with poached eggs on toast? I feel a new thread coming on. "Fast food and books you pretend you have read".
Fisherman's Chowder tonight. Slimming world style.
First time virgin to making chowder...lush:

Dinner 19 mar 18.JPG
I tried one of those Maggi roast in the bag chicken thingy things for the first time tonight.
It said put legs or breast fillets in and seal it up and put it in the oven.
Well I was feeling in a rebelious mood, so just got a whole chicken, shoved an onion up its arse and wacked it in.
( double entendres expected).
Really tasty, a bit tricky getting all of the juice out of the bag but as that's the best bit its worth it.
(You have filthy minds).
Some garlic rice and roasted mediteranean veg, minimum prep and washing up and it was really very nice.
I used the paprika one and will be doing it again.
Have a bit of French stick to mop up the juice as it is good.
Your study??? I thought you would have had a dining room with candelabra/brums or such like...
Nah, he's one of them poor snobs.....I bet he doesn't earn more than 100k per annum...

Jambalaya - a Hairy Bikers recipe.
Creole Paella with a real kick, using my home made tomato and chilli sauce! :smile:
Would you have had a nervous breakdown if there had been 13 ingredients instead of 12? :-D
Not really. I added peas at the end, which made it 13!
Monster pot of Kashmiri curry. Been nibbling on it for about two days now...

The farts are epic! Even the furmonsters are impressed.

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