Tonight I cooked..........

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I believe that fulfills all requirements of brownness to join his club. Bit of bisto could have been mixed in with the peas perhaps??

Looks delish.
I likes brown and gravy..bisto is for southern poofs and moderators
Worked like a bastard on our land today, so was happy to come back to the house and make dinner.

Garlic-cilantro-lime pork steaks, lemon potatoes and steamed veg. Mint sauce on the veg, Colman's with the pork. Glass of Riesling.


The Lady Roadster finds the lemon spuds don't agree with her, so a baked potato for her, as seen upper left.
We bought one of those pasta machine things ages ago. Our results were - time-consuming and interesting. Nearly trashed the worktop where it was to be screwed on. Due to the fact we are not great consumers of pasta, and the fuckingabout it all entailed, the pasta machine now resides in the cupboard with the various fondue sets and vegetable dicer contraptions that only get used 3 times then hibernated.
Eh? Quick and easy. Get a thin pine spacer to protect the work top. Dough takes three minutes to prep, into freezer bag and lob in fridge for an hour to develop the gluten or just make it the evening before.

Takes five minutes to roll out three or four portions, cut and lob straight into boiling salted water for three minutes. Job jobbed.

Give the pasta machine a good shake to dislodge the loose flour, back in the box and store. Making the dough in advance is the trick. In the time it takes to do shop bought pasta I can make a sauce and roll and cook the pasta.

Difference in flavour is worth it. Did fettucine in cream sauce with mushrooms and smoked chicken breast last night. Shavings of aged pecorino pepato over it and scoff. Took me 20 minutes for the lot.
Informative but- from what I’ve read- Italians would string up anyone committing the heresy of mixing chicken with pasta.
Happy to be corrected.
No idea. Smoked chook breast works though. The delicate flavour goes well with cream and mushrooms instead of ham and the pecorino pepato isn't too strong as cheeses go. I do confess to bunging on a large slosh of crushed garlic and chili in olive oil as a condiment after plating. Just goes so well with creamy pasta.


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After a 16 hour day getting back from Alfreton into North Devon, beating the beast from the east, it was neither “cooked tonight” or particularly early:roll:
Sort of breckie- dry fried bacon with some chopped up chorizo a couple of white decreased eggs and brown sauce.... plus tea


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Poached cod in butter sauce (yay!) with oven chips (eh?)

Photo to follow.

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