Tonight I cooked..........

Last night's efforts

Poached cod roe with pickled cucumber and pear in a mustard mayo

Actively disliked by the current_mrs mush, so we had a 2nd starter

Ham, potato and chicory

Lamb steaks, ragout of flageolet beans, parsnip crisps

Redeemed myself with a creme caramel
I grew up on the banks of the Mersey. Bit of a flaw in your argument :)
We both did. As my nan used to say "we may be poor, but we're not common"
Today's brunch
Any fule no you can’t have “oxtail” and “very low fat” in the same sentence...
You brown it first and discard the fat before adding it to the mix.
Soda bread for St. Patty's Day

Soda bread.jpg
Friday........ New potatoes, chicken and broccoli.

Saturday...... Chicken and chips.

Sunday...... Hassellback potatoes, chicken, gravy and assorted veg.

Thank fcuk for that......... my wife's favourite.

Lamb, beef and pork for the rest of the week, at least for me
Sliced spuds in lamb stock and milk, thrown into the Darth until they're done, green beans (obvs) and gammon. I'll probably have the rest of that on a butty later if I stay awake long enough.


The space is for English Mustard.
Tonight's supper

Beef ragu with home made pasta
Tonight's supper

Beef ragu with home made pasta
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We bought one of those pasta machine things ages ago. Our results were - time-consuming and interesting. Nearly trashed the worktop where it was to be screwed on. Due to the fact we are not great consumers of pasta, and the fuckingabout it all entailed, the pasta machine now resides in the cupboard with the various fondue sets and vegetable dicer contraptions that only get used 3 times then hibernated.
Breast of Lamb tonight...a great bit of meat....but fatty as feck, my once a week treat.

No gravy:
Dinner 18 mar 2018 no gravy.JPG

Northern gravy:
Dinner 18 mar 2018 with gravy.JPG

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