Tonight I cooked..........

Darth Vader Chicken.


It was one of those roast in a bag stuffed chickens (Tesco - £3.75), and I was a bit worried that the bag or machine would go BANG, but it didn't. I'll get about 3-4 meals out of it. Butties, stir fry, and a Sunday dinner (that we'll probably have to have tomorrow). Bargain!

(The skin fell into my mouth about 30 seconds after this photo was taken).
Here's last night's ham on the plate with steamed veg and spiral potato/turnip mix.

Be veewy quiet... I’m huntin’ Wabbits...

As a continuance of my low/no carb diet, I stopped off on my daily walk at the local butchers.
It certainly makes the pounds fall away, as when I left I was thirty pounds lighter.
Unfortunately, they were £ rather than lbs but I did get some properly aged silverside for Sunday's 'meals on wheels', some proper steak mince & two 1¼" thick, dry aged ribeye steaks, one of which I've just scoffed with some grilled mushrooms & a salad of romaine lettuce, pak choi, rocket, celery, mini plum tomatoes & cucumber...

Prepping a piece of rib in beef. Asparagus (foreign stuff, obvs), carrots, wild mushrooms, and Yorkshires with onion gravy.


Spatchcocked chicken rubbed with a homemade BBQ paste , smoked with hickory wood on the Kamado Joe with home made white Alabama sauce and a simple lettuce , onion and tomato salad. Yum.


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Dead easy to make @Kirkz , a good cup of mayonnaise , 4 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper( I use cracked coz I like a bit more heat) a scant teaspoon of ordinary sugar and a v generous pinch of sea salt.. Mix together. **** is optional btw @Joker62 .
Sounds quite nice, may give that a go.

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