Tonight I cooked..........

Never seen them outside of Lancashire before, but Iceland sell them........

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Hollands steak and kidney puddings.

When I was younger, I'd be running up and down ladders, scuba- diving, sailing Lasers, and pumping iron down at the gym......... afterwards down at the pub for a few beers, then home clutching pudden, peas, chips and grayveh, from the Hip Tung, halfway between the pub and my house, in Stockport.

32" waist, glowing with health........ a rare treat now.
That brings back memories. I went on holiday to The Gambia with my now ex in 2002 but made the mistake of going during Ramadan so the hotel staff were usually hopeless after about noon until sundown.

Early afternoon we decided to have lunch by the pool and on the menu was Steak and Kidney Pudding, and not having had it for years, on a whim I ordered it.

Twenty five minutes later, zonked out waitress came over to our table and asked how I wanted it cooked.
Son and fam skiing in Bavaria,

roast potatoes with winter veg chicken breast in a pepper sauce (one portion)

It looks that good it seemed a shame not to share it with you. I will attempt cook that later.

following picture I really did cook, 'Spam', well it was Peck tinned pork actually and was good:

Indeed, but blame my photography, and the fact that I couldn't share the pic from my work phone, so I had to photograph the screen on my work phone . . . . . if I cooked with same degree of skill, I'd've been in ITU the last 24 hours.
If you eat that brown runny stuff you just put a photo up of, you still might be.

Will nobody think of the plates????

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