Tonight I cooked..........

The Lady Roadster cooked this evening.

Steak, red cabbage in a mustard vinaigrette, vegetable wedges and a cranberry gravy. It was jolly good.



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Married a week and the new wife and I to a Greek restaurant in Sennelager. Anyway she asked for a large tomato salad. I asked her if she really knew what it was. Of course I have a GCSE in German, was her reply. OK you can have it but you must eat it all. The biggest plate of tomatoes turns up. She hasn't tried a one for 17 years
Reminiscent of the way Mrs S (then my girlfriend) jaw dropped, at a Herman restaurant in Paderborn, when her deep fried Camembert starter arrived. It was the size of a spare wheel, and barely visible under a mountain of schlagsagne. :)
Never seen them outside of Lancashire before, but Iceland sell them........

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Hollands steak and kidney puddings.

When I was younger, I'd be running up and down ladders, scuba- diving, sailing Lasers, and pumping iron down at the gym......... afterwards down at the pub for a few beers, then home clutching pudden, peas, chips and grayveh, from the Hip Tung, halfway between the pub and my house, in Stockport.

32" waist, glowing with health........ a rare treat now.
For all you oldies out there...

Last night's efforts

Prawns Pawns with chilli and garlic

Monkfish in parma ham, with onion puree, veg, and choron sauce

A failed attempt at passion fruit creme brulee, as the gorilla's knacked and my blowtorch was out of gas.
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