Tonight I cooked..........

Yeah, but she clearly hasn't a clue which side her bread's buttered.
I imagine the board of trustees has some seriously crusty old geezers on it, with a right cob on over this. There’ll be some serious bun-fights at the next board meeting.
I'm sure they'll have to roll out some changes.
Like the meatballs and chorizo idea. Might try that when I get home with sun dried tomato pesto and egg noodles. Bit of mature cheddar and mozzarella mix over the top and shove under the grill till it starts to bubble.

Got some good Portuguese peri peri chorizo in the freezer. That should do the job.
Couple of eggs on bacon in a portion of fresh baked (not by me) seeded baguette.

Just been on a monotonous conference call for an hour, so I used the opportunity to make my salad:
Those are the worst, and best if you are in the right place....especially if working from home. You can merrily work away at something else actually useful (chores, cooking, whatever) which is not mindbogglingly boring blithering of upper managers, which could have been resolved and finalized in 5 to 10 mins of just frank and easy convo. Corporate world, huh?
That hairy bugger has reminded me I have a load of warthog ham in the fridge in my room. Might grab a couple of slices before hitting the sack with a book and a cuppa.
Caulicheese, sliced spuds in lamb stock and milk and a little bit of a lamb joint. All done in the Darth.


Tune in tomorrow for more Magical Mystery Fridge and Cupboard Surprises.
Boiling up a chicken carcass. Not sure what to do with the result yet but I hate waste.
Will probably turn into chicken & sweetcorn soup or something.

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