Tonight I cooked..........

Meals on wheels for Mum tonight was sirloin steak, with buttery mash, butter fried mushrooms, black kale (none o' that 'cavalo nero' bolleaux...) & french beans.
I forgot to take a photo again, so here's one of Mum's arm after some incompetent spotty oik made a hash of taking a blood sample on Monday...

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I'm guessing your mum is on anti-coagulants, so bruising is not necessarily down to presumed incompetence.
Whichever way one slices it, charity shops do help people with little dough to put food on the table. However, with the recent OXFAM revelations proving so embarrassing, I should imagine the senior leadership will be toast.
With the number of people worldwide living on the breadline, I suspect the shennanigans of the OXFAM higher-ups is the yeast of their worries.

I'm off to kick myself to death now.
I hear their efforts in some areas of the world have had a truly penetrating effect upon the local situation
If I was on the judges panel, I'd score that one like Craig Revelle-Horwood, for lack of culinary content.

Well, some would call it crude and ungentlemanly to slip the sausage in without at least doing the groundwork first

Though it was terrible of me not to stir in a little culinary pun I agree.

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