Tonight I cooked..........

Bottom of the range frankfurters and the contents of a spicy beef pot noodle, it was bloody lovely. My wife is Spanish and doesn´t know what a pot noodle is - I hid the evidence. She liked it too, so now I´m the hero of the moment. Anyone like to share their current successes?
I cooked sweet and sour chicken and broccoli tonight. One chicken breast and a few blanched broccoli spears, all deep fried in Tempura batter. Served with leftover turmeric rice pan fried with onion, red pepper and peas.
my latest concoction was a bed of fusili past thrown together with a mixture of tuna and octopus ( in a special sauce of reggae reggae, tobasco, and some oregano)
and some grated cheese on top
EX_STAB said:
Ham, egg and chips. Home cooked of course.
well where else would you cook except at home :D

I cooked fillet steak, new potatos, spinach, mushrooms and onion


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I phoned out for a kebab.
Lincolnshire pork sausages, new potatos and frozen peas.


Same again tomorrow night because I don't want to waste the remainder of the sausages!

Fcukin hell i'm starving! :)
can't offer you any leftovers - I gave them to the cat :D
Scampi and chips (from frozen) Wife is on duty :-(
then me and armr jnr made cherry & sultana cake.

Tomorrow night its the 'delights' of Aramark Bordon, as I'm on duty, I cant wait..............


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Tonight I had fusilli pasta with chicken and pancetta with a four cheese, tomato and chilli sauce. God help anybody on the train with me in the morning, hahaha.
Mutton cawl, with new potatos

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