Tonight I cooked..........

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Jorrocks, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Bottom of the range frankfurters and the contents of a spicy beef pot noodle, it was bloody lovely. My wife is Spanish and doesn´t know what a pot noodle is - I hid the evidence. She liked it too, so now I´m the hero of the moment. Anyone like to share their current successes?
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  2. I cooked sweet and sour chicken and broccoli tonight. One chicken breast and a few blanched broccoli spears, all deep fried in Tempura batter. Served with leftover turmeric rice pan fried with onion, red pepper and peas.
  3. Ham, egg and chips. Home cooked of course.
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  4. my latest concoction was a bed of fusili past thrown together with a mixture of tuna and octopus ( in a special sauce of reggae reggae, tobasco, and some oregano)
    and some grated cheese on top
  5. Chicken curry for me, I call it Chicken Tarka.

    It is like a korma, but a little 'otter

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  6. well where else would you cook except at home :D

    I cooked fillet steak, new potatos, spinach, mushrooms and onion
  7. Pan fried pork chops with an apple and cider sauce.

    Buttered Charlotte potatoes with Steamed Broccoli.

    Danke chef :O

    Cheers N_W
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I phoned out for a kebab.
  9. Chicken breasts in herb and garlic breadcrumbs with chicken risotto......and yes I now stink, but was lovely :D
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  10. Lincolnshire pork sausages, new potatos and frozen peas.


    Same again tomorrow night because I don't want to waste the remainder of the sausages!

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  11. Mutton pie ,chompit neeps , mashed tatties with a drop of lee & perrins sauce on top. :D :D
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  12. Tomorrow I have to make pasties 8O
  13. Fcukin hell i'm starving! :)
  14. No cheese soufflé then? ;)
  15. can't offer you any leftovers - I gave them to the cat :D