Tonight.. Britain on film war and peace.

A look of coverage of the Cold War. British forces stationed in Berlin etc.

Bet it's like watching babe station for you old lads, all that glistening black oily plastic and long barrels, mmmmmmmm!
The thought of old squaddies seems to be a bit of a turn on for you. It wasn't black, frilly stuff we were talking about when discussing webbing, you know. Or maybe a 37 pattern water bottle holder with 58 pattern cross belts are what you are actually creaming your drawers, cellular over?
I did see a few SLRs but it looked a whole lot more like Soltau than Berlin. I suppose the perception is that the British Army contributed little to the Cold War therefore not worthy of much of a mention. It was after all the poor Russians who suffered during WW2 so they made sure the Czechs and Hungarians were made to feel some of the pain along with the honourable peace loving Germans.

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