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Tonight 2200: Excellent documentary film "Armadillo" on More 4

For anybody interested the Danish film Armadillo is on More4 tonight at 2200. A pretty awesome look at a platoon of Danish infantry and their experience in Afghan. In my opinion it's a better film than Restrepo; some very, very close up and personal action with Terry. Have a butchers at the trailer.

Armadillo - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Can I borrow your time machine to see if I get the blowjob I want when I get home from work?

I thought it was on 10pm tonight? (also repeated for the sleepless at 01.10 tonight / tomorrow morning ).
It came out on DVD a couple of months ago.

I sent my copy to PRT once I'd watched it if you want to PM him and check.

Now assume the position bitch :)
Without doubt the best program on Afghanistan I have seen to date.

Not afraid to tackle difficult and sensitive issues and gave a real sense of what is going on over there. Sadly I think due to the language barrier it won't be widely enjoyed over here and a lot will tune out after a few minutes.

P.S - Did anyone else think "What the hell is Dolph Lundgren up to now?"

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