Tonight, 13/08/12, Channel 4 2000 hrs Tricks of the dole cheats

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by slick, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Might be worth a ganders, although some might end up throwing things at the box :)
  2. The trailer made me want to do nasty hurtful things.
  3. Excellent. Am out of work at the mo so will tune in on my plasma to pick up a few tips. Uczę się polskiego, które pomogą wiele. That's a good start.

    Is it in 3D?
  4. Not exactly an in depth expose but it was a rather short programme. Jobcentre itself came in for a bit of stick.
  5. Nothing particularly damning with regard to the job centre system. Much more worrying was the reality that the head of the service was woefully unprepared to deal with operational issues and almost certainly working a significant number of levels above her competence zone.
  6. You come across as one of those fortunates who has never worked in government departments; most of the people over my guys and I were incompetent, but they knew the right arses to lick, and boxes to tick. It was easier in the long run to either cover for them, or bypass them entirely. The ones who didn't speak English as a first language were worse.

    I exclude the armed forces from the above, they seem to have a slightly different approach, although I would imagine a fair number are 'demoted' upwards to where they can't do too much damage.
  7. This was lazy TV reporting at its worst. No issues were really focussed on and they obviously just wanted to hammer the job centre. My wife and daughter often look on their site for jobs, neither claim one is a student, and find jobs for the hols. It was a nothing programme and if someone wants to get a civil service job you would hope the have the intelligence not to just rely on one site.
  8. As I've doubtless mentioned before I used to work in an independent centre for the unemployed, self and other advisers were formally warned to desist from telling our induction groups that they would not secure a job by visiting the Job Centre. It was near as dammit true, we just couldn't say it.