Tone gets of his arrse: Blair targets incapacity benefits

For all on here who think i am biased and only post slanted views and anti-labour stories! (mainly because most of the negative sotries are about labour 8O )

About bloody time he got of and did something about it. Strange ring to it though. It seems almost familiar... mmm... thats right, it is a tory policy which they unvaled less than 2 wks ago, and tony has jumped on the band wagon! DOH!!! :roll:
Call me cynical, but this reeks of another "bait and switch" like Tone did over self-defence. Wait a few weeks & he'll be spouting that everyone on disability is wheelchair bound and unable to work, and to take their money away would be discriminatory... In other words, A_S, don't you go be counting your chikens now, eh?
An impartial post of the opinions of real people (taken from BBC website)

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I have a relative on incapacity benefit. He has severe mental health problems that leave him unable to work. The stress of being put through more interviews or a medical check up will exacerbate his illness.
Nicki, Aberdeenshire, UK

I worked for the Department of Work and Pensions, and I can assure you that a large number of Incapacity Benefit claimants are already working. They just forget to tell the DWP and continue to claim their benefits. Their sicknesses tend to be 'anxiety', 'depression', 'stress', 'back pain'. Whilst there are many genuine claimants out there with these illnesses there are plenty who are swinging the lead. I worked in DWP fraud and I should know - most of my investigations were on people who were sick and doing undeclared work. This initiative may help to reduce the numbers on IB but we need to get as strict as the USA and limit the number of years people can stay on welfare. Whilst the government continues to allow benefit payments as a career option rather that a last resort safety net things will not change.

As an ex-Civil Servant I agree wholeheartedly with targeting fraudulent claims but, as a (reluctant) recipient of incapacity benefit myself, would ask what we do with those of us that genuinely can't work? I would love to work - my work has been my life for the best part of 40 years - but too often the pain I experience is now so distracting I can't concentrate.
George, London, England

This is really rich. Putting millions of people on incapacity benefit was a new labour ploy to make the unemployment figures look artificially low, Now it has backfired they want to change the rules again. This lot could not govern a pet shop
Alan Baker, Chelmsford Essex

The only five year plan needed is a five year limit on the ability to draw benefits except in the most extreme cases. It would soon sort out the work-shy from the incapable. Blair's plans will never work because they never have any controls or limits, merely rhetoric, aspiration and blind faith in something that has never happened before, and that common sense tells the rest of us will never happen in practice.
Tim, Brecon, Wales

I'm just coming up to retirement after almost 50 years of working for my living. I am very fortunate that I have had the health and strength to carry me through my working years. I do not begrudge a penny of my taxes going to support those less fortunate than myself. Terry UK
Terence H Coleman, Thornton Heath UK

Seeing the benefits system at work - so much of it relies on the trust of the people who are claiming any kind of benefit. We need to educate people so that when they are able to come off benefits they do, rather than continuing to take money they are not entitled to.
Dean, Notts, UK

It scares me that some people in the UK can be so self-serving and callous
Adrian, Leeds
How cruel and thoughtless people are on here. I work with people claiming Incapacity Benefit, I daily see people who struggle with a wide variety of illness and yet still want the dignity of work. These people deserve our help - not condemnation because you can't see their disability. It scares me that some people in the UK can be so self-serving and callous towards those not as fortunate as themselves
Adrian, Leeds

We've had 'get tough on yobs', 'get tough on public services' and now we have yet another pre-election 'get tough' campaign. None of the past announcements have had any effect in the real world so why should this? Rather than targeting people on benefits in general, those fraudulently claiming should be targeted in particular and the penalties should be draconian to discourage others. Slaps on the wrist don't deter anyone; 6 months on a chain gang tidying up motorway verges might.
Trevor, Cambs, UK

Having a bad back is enough to get you signed off work. There are jobs out there that don't involve bending and lifting. It's too easy to do nothing in this country. I work with a lady who can hardly walk. If she can make the effort then so can most people
Andrew, Helmshore, UK

The biggest problem with the benefits system is that it fails the people who pay the most. After working for 5 years as a single person with no children, earning substantially above average earnings, 3 months on Job Seekers Allowance was a shock. I was lucky this time, I found a job one month before I would have been unable to pay my rent. 3 months longer without work? I could have been living on the streets! To get some extra money in, Incapacity benefit was a very attractive option.
Mic, Sheffield

All very laudable but it won't succeed for the simple fact that his heart isn't in it. They've had since 1997 to tackle it and just made the situation worse. I'll bet little will change behind the headlines but heck, the headlines will have done to job of re-electing him before we all find out.
Phil Holley, UK, Cambs

They need to be targeting those who are claiming incapacity benefit fraudulently, get them back to work and leave the genuine claimants alone. My mum has been on incapacity benefit for 10 years and she wouldn't be able to do hold down a job due to the fact that she wouldn't be reliable enough as some days she can walk a few metres as a time, but other days she is bedridden. She'd soon be fired for lack of attendance!
Sonia, Luton, UK

Perhaps he could start by sorting out the NHS, as I believe many people on incapacity benefit are still waiting for an operation.
Graeme Phillips, Guildford, UK

The Government should be harder on people who milk the system. I knew someone on disability benefits who continued to play rugby. If you can play sport you do not need benefits. Also I am sure people get benefits for physical problems that are not in anyway stopping them working.
Jim, York, England

Compulsory interviews won't work with the large number who actively don't want to work
Harvey, Wrexham
Compulsory interviews won't work with the large number who actively don't want to work. I have met quite a number of young people that have absolutely no intention of getting any kind of paid work. They ham up being dim, feign injury or incompetence and are continually bailed out by the Government. People on long-term benefits should be given at least one or two days a week of community work, so that they at least give something back.
Harvey (A disenfranchised higher-rate taxpayer), Wrexham

I now believe there are more scroungers and hangers-on under Labour than under any other party. I personally wouldn't give them a penny. It seems an easy option for young people to stay at home and have loads of children and expect someone else to pay for them. Also there are too many people claiming incapacity benefit. Give them nothing.
Robert Hobson, Leeds

Another 5 year plan?! How many of these are currently running? Perhaps if the government had not plundered the pension funds in the first place they would not need to get disabled people to work off Brown's debt to the people of Britain. This is atrocious, really, can these folk get any worse?
Nick, UK
Stoatman, me and you seem to be on the same wavelength. I only posted this because i have had some quips about me being blatantly anti-labour and that i post only negative stories about labour.

This along with my post ridiculing oliver letwin for his 'peace' tax should prove otherwise! :roll:


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