Tone Dear Tone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Gents is no secret that I dislike Tony Blair, never liked him since first time I saw him, make a snake oil salesman look sinsear (However ya spell it) how ever I noticed this rather long artical in The Mail
    Are they trying to tell us something?

    'Lest there be any doubt about the influence Mrs Blair has on her husband's career, we need look no further back than June 2004 when Mr Blair, exhausted by events in Iraq and racked by a family crisis whose details have never been publicly revealed, made up his mind to quit."

    "Meanwhile Mrs Blair is unhappy that her husband has resumed contact with Carole Caplin, her colourful former lifestyle guru, who was banished from Downing Street in 2003 and has since been excised from Cherie's life.
    Cherie torn
    Mr Blair, say friends, phones the glamorous Miss Caplin around once a week, and has not ruled out bringing her back into the fold once he leaves power.
    Cherie, however, has installed another friend, American businesswoman Martha Greene, as her new 'fixer' and wants her to be the Blairs' agent-come-manager in a Caplin-free future."

    Please oh Pretty PLEASE
  2. There were (press) reports/gossip that Tony was doing the business with the Caplin woman. However, I'm sure not many would take that opportunity if it led to the WMF bitching on.
  3. Well ORC seems that only you and me haven't been taken in The Snake Oil Salesman has conned the rest of arrse AGAIN.
    No wonder he won three times.
  4. [​IMG]

    Can't Really blame the Dear leader can you?
  5. Er so how cum the defenders of Britians Morality, The Scum and Mirror ar'ent screaming about this blow to family life, a Brit Pm doing mucky, having a bit on the side, even thinking about it.
    If the'd caught Maggei with her nickers down we' still have it ringing in our ears.
    and don't tell me sumones after their K, or a seat in thouse a'lards.
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Scum has been on-side for Tone for about 10 years.
    Mirror still thinks Labour isn't Tory

    The Mail, on the other hand, has never been much troubled by the idea of presenting made-up or even downright libellous stories as 'facts' for the consumption of their elderly and blue-rinsed readership. It was (still is for all I know) the 'newspaper' with the largest number of complaints against it upheld by the toothless Press Complaints Commission (or wotever the useless entity is called).

    I have to ask, why - if you haven't yet qualified for a bus pass and/or contracted alzheimer's - are you:

    a) Reading such tosh?
    b) Taking it seriously?

    Have a lovely day. :D :D