TomTom satnav - when do they update?

Hi, I've just acquired a tom-tom satnav. I 'm going to sign up for the map updates, but I'm wondering when do they release these. I'd rather hold off until 1st Sept if they release them 1st of the month, as that way I'll extend the number of updates I receive by another update, if you get what I mean?

Anybody know?



Every 3 months. You buy a years worth, so it doesn't matter when you "sign up" for the service, you'll get 4 lots of maps.
Yea, it's just I'd rather get 4 starting from September than June, if it's just a question of waiting a week for the next quarter. I'm just wondering when exactly yhey update from, and they are being a bit coy about saying when.
I’ve got a Tom Tom XL Black
I signed up for 18 months updates for the price of 12 in March. There was a catch to this as although I bought the device at the new year, I apparently didn’t have the latest map, and needed to have the latest map to get the 18 months for 12 deal, so they caught me for another £19.99
On 8/6/10 I got an email saying a new map was ready for collection. It is a large file, 2GB, and after some time the download didn’t work. I then got an e-mail saying there were technical issues, and it would not be available until the end of June. I forgot as, I was getting the usual map fixes and speed camera updates, and they didn’t remind me. But at the beginning of August I asked why I had not had any new maps. I was given instructions on how to get a new map, basically you back up the current one to your PC, delete it from the device, and download the new one. The instructions were not very accurate but I did manage to sort it out myself though.
Funny enough when I said I wasn’t happy about this they were coy with me as well, as in they ignored me.
Some updates I’ve applied have meant that I’ve lost my favourites, home settings and security code. This is apparently normal although the sales team who e-mail you don’t mention it. No I don’t want the Homer Simpson voice and I wouldn’t buy Tom Tom again.
Hmmmm, that sounds like the situation I might be in...
Thanks, I'll look into that. I always thought pirate maps involved dead men's chests and buried treasure!
Even if you do update, TomTom and others seem to take too long to make the information available.
I've been using a Tom Tom 'Rider' on the bike as a courier for the last 4 years.
It's been pretty good and has never had a map update.

The updates may just be a fancy marketing gimmick, as I don't reckon the road layout or even speed traps change that much to make a difference.

The unit is quite good for the Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone stashed away in a waterproof pocket.( Speaker and boom mike temp attach to inside lid ).
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