Tomtom Rider mount help needed

Hi all,

I currently use a Tomtom rider2 with the Ram Mount that is supplied. I have this bolted to my FJR1300 and all is well.

What does annoy me, however, is the fact that I have to remove the mount cradle whenever I park the bike up in public as I fear that somebody will steal it (costly to replace). The problem is that it is only secured with a wing nut that is hand tightened.

I have since seen another bike parked up with the same mounting system but with a lockable part where the wing nut is normally situated. This makes it far more difficult for the casual thief to have away.

I have searched around on the t'internet and found these parts but only for the Garmin Zumo Ram Mount and not the Tomtom one.

I would be grateful to hear from any arrsers out there who could offer advice about this.

Many thanks.
Fair point about the locktite etc but I wanted the flexibility of removing the cradle so it can be used in the car. As for a link, I'm afraid starting this thread is about the limit of my computing abilities but a google search of "lockable ram mount" turned up the results for the zumo lock


or similar.

Edited to put correct(uk) link in.
Thanks for your help y'all. I have used the info here to find something on eBay and placed an order. Fingers crossed for it to fit. It seems the search term "knob" turned up more appropriate (& some inappropriate) results.

As for the black nasty, I'm afraid it is like rocking horse sh1t in my unit as it's being used to stop all of our green kit from falling to bits.
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