Toms on Acid

Basic Training Chav style

In best Chumly Warner accent " with one man climbing a tree to feed the birds"

I was having a cr@p day until I saw that, well done Crabby
TA I reckon, look at the state of their berets - fresh on without being washed or shaped
For some reason, we were shown this during Basic in an attempt to warn us OFF drugs.
Mind you. that was in '76 & those in charge might have been a little behind the times.
I was told in no uncertain terms by the crab drugs lecturer about 9 months ago that if someone admitted to taking LSD, even prior to their service, they were liable for medical discharge due to the dangerous nature of LSD flashbacks. I wasn't aware of this before and he seemed to think that this applied across all three services. When I think about it its a fair point, but has anyone heard about this happening to anyone?

Possibly not the right forum for this, sorry.
Something along the lines of this...?

Some people experience flashbacks after using LSD. Flashbacks can occur after using LSD just once and can happen as long as a year after taking LSD. Flashbacks involve a sudden reoccurrence of whatever the user experienced while on LSD (things they saw, feelings they felt, etc.) Some long-term users may show symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or severe depression.

Or this.....?

One hallucinogen user, while not currently intoxicated, may occasionally notice a spontaneous LSD-like flashback, which will go away after a short time. On the other hand, another user may experience constant, irreversible, LSD-like perceptual disturbances that persist 24 hours a day; they can continue for the rest of their life.

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