Toms Liberation Front (TLF)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if the TLF is still going?

    We came across it in action in Belfast in the the early '90s when we had a Para Company under command.

    I found their CO's passport and those of his family as well as other private possessions hidden in the bogs of our base. Upon reporting this find to the RMP, they informed me that Lt Col 'Blank' had been burgled by his own soldiers whilst he (the Para CO) was back in England attending the funeral of one of his soldiers. Plod said that they were also investigating a thing called the TLF! Said Redcap then realised that he was probably being too honest, and clammed up, saying 'you didn't hear it from me, Sir!'
  2. Not sure if its still going strong, but remember a story of one of the blokes gets called into the CO's office not long after that incident.

    Boss says "I understand you're the CO of the TLF"
    Bloke whos knows hes in the sh*te anyway says:

    "Nah, Im the Padre!"

    Priceless! :lol: :D :lol:

  3. Most of the TLF were from 3 Para Support Coy. The CO had an armed guard on his pad after his office was fire bombed and some other things. The CO at the time was extremely unpopular. Even now just the mention of the TLF sends 3 Para officers into a panic, but they would never admit it :twisted:
  4. Am I missing a majorstory becuase I do not know what you are on about. Please enlighten me.
  5. So we aren't talking about the para military Turkey rescue arm of PETA?

    Oh well, I suppose the TLF and Paras do have the wearing of maroon thingies on their heads in common.
  6. With molotov cocktails of derv!!, A big clean up removing stains on white walls.

    Rumour had it there was a full command structure from Commandant to Padre.

    Most of the blokes suspected did time, on the blanket, and then posted to 2 Uk Civ Div.
  7. The TLF....God bless em all!! , another unwritten page of regimental history.
  8. At least the individuals involved were dealt with, and a not the drastic action as was taken with the Canadian Airborne Regiment.
  9. Not all were delt with :wink: and some still hold rank Csgt and above. quick exit with hood up. :)
  10. Was that to protect their Arrses from the Mortar Plt?
  11. Ahh, the TLF a fine body of men. Not sure when they first got the call to the colours but they existed in 1 Para back in the mid 80's without a doubt. :wink:

    We also had a character called the "..SHA-HAD-DOW.." who struck fear into hearts of SNCO's and Officers (or so we liked to think) his sole aim in life was to resore the injustices handed out to the Toms through acts of daring do.

    Once while at South Cearny we were getting ready to move to Lynham to launch an para insertion into some fictional land near Salisbury, part of the clean up was to hand back bedding to the C/Sgt (nickname Inspector know who you are). Anyway one Tom was diffy a blanket and had tried to blag his way out of being billed for it. Gadget was having none of it and the Tom was going to get fecked. Result..........Toms p.issed off with gadget.

    While waiting about in the fecking big hanger a note was secretly dropped onto Gadget's container it read....."if you ever want to see your blanket in one piece again leave £2.50 in used 10p coins by the hanger door...........signed the SHA-HAD-DOW" pinned to the note was a 2 inch square of blanket-army-brownandscratchy. Every man jack in the company bar the Sgts and above knew this message was there so we all waited to see Gadgets reaction. Over he walks, fecks about with his kit for a bit see the note, picks it up reads it gradually getting redder in the face, while everyone else was suddenly very interested in their boots for some reason. He storms over to the OC (an ex Hereford bod and all round good egg) hands over the note expecting him to call a company muster to find the culprit. OC reads it then burst out laughing and hands the note to the CSM who just shakes his head with a smile.

    Gadget slinks away to his container mumbling to himself. :D

    .........just so you know we showed no favoritism the OC was got while out in the States but thats another story :wink:
  12. most were the Morter plt :lol:
  13. Here's a to write a bit?