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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Tomorrow nights Newsnight is an extended interview with Boy Dave.

    Gavin Essler (spelling?) is asking for questions that can be put to Him - any suggestions?

    Mine would be -

    If a fifteen year old schoolboy was found to be part of a group selling and taking drugs to other schoolboys. if He then became part of a gang who deliberately set out to fight and smash up the local town - would You have Him condemned the way young men and women are being condemned by this Tory shadow cabinet.

  2. Are you trying to say Dave did this when young?
  3. Yawn.
  4. A matter of historical fact
  5. Call me Mr Thicky, Sven but I dont think we follow which motorway you are going down with this one.

    Care to expand for us?
  6. Ah. Thank you. No story then. No need to watch now.
  7. I did all sorts of illegal sh*t when i was 15.

    I'd ask him "could the tory party stop trying to be a fluffy bunny party please".
  8. Go on Sven, keep bashing the Tories, I hate these bast*rds as much as Blair/Brown and co when it comes to forces. Still rather have Brown that that posh tw*t

    In fact is there any fcuking politician out there who genuinely give's a toss?
  9. Yawn, yawn bloody yawn. The good news is that as the Lib Dems seem to attract people of your ilk Sven, we're never going to have the horror of a Lib Dem Government visited upon us.
  10. CPunk - check Your PMs
  11. You could be right, people much prefer drug takers and vandals :roll:
  12. Yes.

    I care deeply.
  13. So ok who would you vote for, or cant you say?
  14. Check Buglys last post mate :D

  15. Sir, sir, the nasty boys are being naughty in My thread in current affairs, sir..

    Dribbling wankstain.