Tomorrows Duties

This has gone out to all volunteers:

Details for tomorrow are thus:

Morning Duty:

Leafleting commuters at Ashtead, Leatherhead and Epsom railway stations from 0730: RV at Ashtead Railway Station at 0715

Leafleting shoppers at large supermarkets (more details at RV) from 0900:
RV at Ashtead Railway Station at 0845,-0.61421|14|4&loc=GB:51.23834:-0.61421:14#t=l&map=51.31762,-0.31335|16|4&loc=GB:51.31762:-0.30674:16|KT21%202DR|KT21%202DR

Evening Duty:

RV 1800-1815 (preferably no later as there will be hundreds of people attending) at:

Mole Valley District Council
Tel: 01306 885001
Fax: 01306 879180

Maps: to the committee.PDF,-0.61421|14|4&loc=GB:51.23834:-0.61421:14#t=l&map=51.23564,-0.3319|16|4&loc=GB:51.23564:-0.32529:16|RH4%201SJ|RH4%201SJ

Your immediate contact is "Sven" on 07787 705 911 as he's been on the ground in the location before.

Any problems or queries, please call me on 07949 299 751

Ros x

* We'll not be on railway property - I've briefed Sven to tell people to stay on station approach roads.

* I will call the managers of local supermarkets today to ask permission to distribute leaflets in their carparks.

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