Tomorrow will tell!!

......decision to scrap the Future Rapid Effect System armored utility-vehicle program comes after “months of wishful thinking” that General Dynamics Corp. of the U.S. would hand over intellectual property rights concerning the Piranha 5 vehicle.....

Now where have we heard that before?
I'm not sure what they're on about there.

GD got quids in because they offered to Manufacture Piranha V in the UK. Which was something Boxer and VBCI couldn't offer...
I wonder how many of these Future Lynx out of the 70 ordered will eventually be delivered,8 already cut within months of the order being placed,and no doubt further trimming in each of the subsequent years as Darling forces more and more cuts on an already grossly underfunded defence budget,whilst at the same time bailing out banks that should have been let go to the wall and presiding over unfettered DSS spending.

Anyone would think Cyclops and his pet monkey Darling were anti-military.Then again........

Time this vile government was removed from power.
“The British just don’t have the cash, and strategically they have no business trying to do force projection in areas beyond the Mediterranean, beyond the range of land-based Royal Air Force attack aircraft,” said Daniel Solon.
Well it's nice of Mr Solon to get his crystal ones out and tell us what the parameters of our stategic capabilities for the next fifty years should be. Clearly a man working below his true potential.

What enrages me is the fact that HMG are essentially putting our country's future on an economic roulette wheel by splurging tens of billions, and yet still refuse to fund what are the basic requirements of the military - pocket change in comparison.