Tomorrow is Europe Day; how will you celebrate?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by angular, May 8, 2007.

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  1. I've already gone out and bought a nice blue flag with yellow stars to pi$$ on. Is Ken Livingstone having a parade?
  2. I'll drink Grolsh, eat bratties and play Elyzee albums all night
  3. Think i'll come into work and while away time until its time for my non-european motorbike to get its MOT.
    Then maybe a few Becks

    European enough?
  4. email bomb some web sites
  5. What about digging that arch traitor ted heath up and burning the cUNt at the stake?
  6. By smoking a few gitanes, watch hard core porn, drink wine that tastes like vinegar, ignore the human rights act, drive a tank with 5 reverse gears, then have a riot because i didn't like the government that everyone else voted for.

    Very European,
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm going to have a long, slow sh!t. It will be a big one that will rip my arrse to shreds, block up the toilet and leave a horrible stink.

    After the deed is done I won't be able to flush it away and nobody else will be able to use the toilet. If it can ever be put right, it'll cost me a fortune.

    I'll be sure to forget to wipe my backside so that the memory of the day leaves its indelible mark on my under-crackers and ruins something else I've got.

    The stinking effluent that I leave in my ruined toilet will attract all the flies to my sh!t, which will then fly around the rest of my house spreading disease to the rest of my family until we all wind up with dysentery and have to go to hospital where we will all continue to stink up another location whilst catching MRSA to boot.

    Mind you, at least it will be a happier memory than 'Europe Day' should I live to tell the story.
  8. I WON'T be celebrating - I'm English NOT European, got it.

    Set England Free - Vote BNP.

  9. Whats to celebrate?
  10. Hit the nail on the head there.. indeed, what is there to celebrate?
  11. I shall be shiting in my hand, then flinging it at the danish bird who sits behind me.
  12. i am going to sack my 3 polish workers, send them home. that's my contribution to Europe
  13. Think I will get hold of one of them european flag things and burn it.....If I wasn't going to Afghan ffs.
  14. I shall be burning the EU flag then declaring an English Holy War on Brussels!
  15. Darbs

    I wish I had your level of commitment to the European ideal.

    FFS what am I saying ......... I Do !!!!!!!!!