Tommy two shits ARRSERs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bitterandtwisted, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. Well sometimes I see some great willie waving on here and cocks saying saying my dads harder than your dad etc. So who would you give the tommy two shits arrsser award to???? Bigger shed more op tours etc....... Reasons and who.. over to you

    Bugsy is probably on my list - with his historical knowledge of drivel who knows EVERYTHING about fucking NOTHING
  2. Tropper.

    This thread is done.
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  3. NO longer an ARRSEr though is he? I thought he'd been hauled into a hollow square of moderators and had his dongle ripped off.
  4. Tropper invented the moderators, in Belfast, on a cold winters night whilst being shot by his oppos as he crash landed his scout cab at XMG
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  5. You could have just PMd me and told me that you don't like me, but instead you start a thread about it. That means that you have some problem with me and instead of just ignoring me, you make me responsible for your personal problem. How old are you, fella? Thirteen? But don't worry, it'll get better once you've passed puberty.:eye:

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  6. Did someone forget to switch sockpuppets?
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  7. Don't suppose you have the link to that particular thread, just I've heard it being mentioned, just never had a chance to laugh at it myself?
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  8. it......won't.......fucking......die........
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  9. I have no problem with you. I am just voicing my freedom of speech that you are over opinionated cock. I dont do PM's - I have the moral courage to say in the open what I think. And wankers like you polluting arrse, gives me just the reason to say my piece. If your that clever fuck off university and bore them with your historical drivel. This website is about soldiers and ex serving members having thier say. Not to be baited and trolled like idiots like you......
  10. Bugsy’s MO:
    1) Present an unproven, challenging or idiotic belief for discussion (or force an open door) with 100% enthusiasm and a hint of grandfatherly “wisdom” and “tongue in cheek” (ohhh, we’re soooooo daring to walk the limits of science and human capabilities!!!!)
    2) Par the first reasonable critics with long posts of unsubstantiated post-modernist, quasi-intellectual-sounding empty drivel. Use a lot of “you don’t present any facts”.
    3) When the facts are coming in left, right and centre -> don’t duck. Just post more inane tripe to try to confuse the challenger.
    4) When it’s no longer an option to ignore the vast amount of evidence against your original post, play the “it’s an opinion” or “it’s a belief” card. Everybody has opinions or beliefs and they should all be valued equally. Innit.
    5) After other posters point out not every opinion is valued equally, start digging and maintain for another 4 odd posts that they’re wrong and you’re right.
    5a) Optionally, briefly divert at this stage onto the pet topic of "true" socialism, and how it is so incredibly super duper and perfect if you could only convince people about it and then we could destroy capitalism (greatest threat to the universe, don't you know?) and everyone would live happily ever after in a Lala land of fairy dust and unicorn farts free from the tyranny of people wanting self-betterment.... And breathe...
    6 ) When sensible criticism is still inbound (meaning a few posters haven’t given up on educating you) throw in the minority card. Flavour of the month is “Irish”. Some suggestions:
    i. Oh, you really told this thick paddy
    ii. Make me look like a silly mick
    iii. Just because we eat spuds it doesn’t mean we’re omnivores
    7) Start calling people “mucker”
    8) You’ve set the tone of the debate now. Keep going. After the “Irish stuff” wears thin, play the underdog. But pretend you’re not really affected by it. Some suggestions:
    i. You just want to make me look inferior so you come across as superior.
    ii. Oh, you really want to get in the good book of the big boys on ARRSE.
    iii. Poor me, people just post abuse instead of debating.
    9) By now you’ve effectively lost 90% of the readers of the thread. There’s still this 10% persisting people trying to reason with you. Start taking the moral high ground by saying you’d never resort to abuse or name calling because it is too easy. Give a few examples to show them how easy it is and make sure you stress you would never resort to this. Meanwhile drop in as much name calling as you can cramp in.
    i. Odd_Sarge (Ord_Sgt)
    ii. Sixtydotfool (Sixty)
    iii. Friedalfie (fivealpha)
    10) When the critics don’t go away, dish out a couple of umlauts to show them you can fight in multiple languages.
    i. Mücker
    ii. Fück
    iii. Cünt
    10a) This is now an appropriate time for Optional Special Move Nummer Zwei: start criticising the spelling, punctuation and grammar of other posters. Ensure, however, when making "corrections" that you yourself make a least one mistake by correcting something that isn't wrong.
    10b) Display you're a witty chap by misspelling words on purpose. Make sure you do it in such a way the readers can imagine you sitting back in your chair chuckling at your own posts in self admiration. This is probably the most challenging point in the present MO since if this fails the reader will be left with a very disturbing picture of you choking on some c0ck.
    10c) Refuse to use the proper names for places and organisations. Instead use whatever abbreviation sounds cool to come across as if you're in the know. Never ever ever mention Afghanistan in it's entirety, instead call it:
    i. Affers
    ii. Stan
    ii. Ganners
    Not every name allows for a cool sounding abbrevation. In that case use the apostrophe to make your point:
    i. 'Ra
    ii. 'Raq
    iii. 'Ran
    11) If this doesn’t scare away other posters switch to German all together - if multiple mistakes are pointed out in that language - hurl abuse in an obscure dialect like Swiss German or, as the perceived secure option, move straight on to Italian. Additionally, address people as “mucker” in the above languages. (thanks para_medic)
    12) Throw a hissy fit and roll in self pity.
    i. Why oh why did I start this thread? Am I surrounded by darkness?
    ii. Why did I try to enlighten the community of ARRSE?”
    iii. Why does everybody hate me?
    13) Finally, make the thread all about yourself. Ignore all comments which contain evidence against your opening post and instead point out how very interesting this whole topic has been so far (or “apparently there is no clear answer to this question...”) as it’s now running into 20 pages.
    14) By now the remaining 10% of the diehards have left the building, praying it will collapse burying TS with it. The thread dies of death.
    15) Get banned.
    16) Reregister under a similar nickname.
    17) Get banned yet again for insulting Admin.
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  11. 5A I cannot 'like' your post due my DII being dated. So I am typing it here!
  12. Well, as an ex-serving member of the British Army, that also includes me. As distasteful as you may find it.

    I don't have many posts under my belt, so why don't you go back over them and ascertain who's been baiting who and who's been trolling. I bet you'd be surprised. You'll also find that I don't insult folks until they insult me, which can't be said about you. Why do you find it necessary to call me an idiot when that's quite obviously not the case? If you disagree with my opinions, then (as you put it yourself) you can "have your say". On the other hand, you could just ignore me. Ever thought about that?

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  13. What does the MsG sig mean anyway?

    I was thinking it must be Monosodium Glutamate, apparently it can cause headaches and nausea so that explains a lot...
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  14. The difference is sunshine that you are OVER opinionated - you dont get it do you????? Well I am quite justified calling you idiot as what 5A alludes to as his example alone. I think he has hit the nail on the head me old son. I suggest you have good read of your previous posts and possibly apologise to some of the people whom you have upset on here, however I suspect you possibly have gone a bridge too far for that...... I dont think its an opinion, I think its a fact. So why dont you put your man up jacket and do a public apology thread to show your minerals about yourself..... can you not see you have pissed no end of arrsers on here. Afterall you being served in the military should know when to admit defeat graciously and apologise.. food for thought or have I just waste 3 minutes of my life typing this????