Tommy Sheridan,,2228762,00.html

I know that all politicos are cnuts, ( I passed a drunken Lembit Opik on Northumberland Avenue on Thu night ) And the vast majority deserve a slap, but just how much would you like to stick one on this obnoxious cnut?

Wouldn't you just love to feed this tw@t and his missus into a wood chipper?
Done HERE, mate

But yes, I agree :wink:


oh this ones right up there with all the cnuts of the world, professes to be the man of the people, a hard line left winger who refused to swear allegiance to the Queen when taking his seat and made a Marxist fist with his hand while spouting some shyte of his own about not taking the full wages on offer to an MSP. then wastes so much of our tax payers money in the trial over his lack of morals, and it seems will once again? CNUT

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