Tommy Sheridan

What an utter cnut. He is a steaming bellwhiff. His accent, the way he prognosticates gets right up my shitter. I am no fan of the NOTW, but he is riding for a fall and I will be laughing when it happens. Because it will be funny. Thats why.
Agreed guru. Even though im a jock he does my box in. He was on the Scottish news, ten minutes ago, comparing his 'ordeal' to Freddy Starr being accused of using a hamster inappropriately. Utter cnut and a waste of good oxygen. (although his wife would definitely get it)


Thats better.
Rant over.

If your wife looks like that, why do you go swinging ... :?

... to slam some middle-aged munters ??? :? :?

... just out of, err, interest ... where exactly was this swinging club ... ? :)
She's a hot fit MILF and for some unexplainable reason I want to meet her! My mind says it's wrong, my loins say 'mind shut the feck up FFS'.
fuckin socialist my arse,you see his house,motor,fuckin sun tan,you won't get that in pollock.i'm a jock- and that cheese wad is a disgrace.him and galloway.


Thats what fcuks me off. He is in it for himself and fcuk everyone else. His missus would get a game, and he is away compromising his "standards" elsewhere, allegedly (ahem!)

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