Tommy Robinson arrested

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Then he should broaden his appeal. See again my comment on colour of skin not making the crime any more or less.
Very odd value system you have there sport.

So there is something worse than an 11 year old being gang raped? Over 1000 different victims in Rotherham alone?

You do realise.... well clearly you don't so I'm really going to enjoy telling you.... That these odd values of yours are the very reason why the social workers and police didn't do anything about it too? Just like your ever so brave and saintly journalists apparently!

That 11 year old said a brown person raped her. Let's call her a racist and allow all of her friends to be raped too.

She says they gave her alcohol and drugs.... Hmmm, that's naughty at age 11... clearly a racist prostitute then.

Now her father says she's been kidnapped and is being drugged and gangraped for entire weekends... It's ok, we'll arrest him for trying to rescue her as he is probably a racist too.

You can just imagine friends and family contacting the press, probably to receive a lecture on political correctness from them. As you are now laughably trying to do too.

Sorry mate but you are genuinely pathetic. Grow some balls and reshow your values and standards.

At the end of the day you clearly think that Tommy Robinson is a racist. You weigh that against children being raped and have decided that being a racist is worse.

Like I said, very strange value system you have.

Good job it doesn't have any unpleasant side effects for the young or vulnerable isn't it?
Racially aggravated does. Now, if you could point me in the direction of any recognised journal or peer reviewed paper that can point to race being the prime motivation in the decision to abuse a child then I'd be bang alongside the idea of a prosecution for racially aggravated child abuse.

Or do you look at the facts dispassionately, understand that an abuser is going to abuse a child if they possibly can and, in the case of the Asian grooming gangs, they are selecting the child on the basis of the fact that they are highly unlikely to get away with their crime if they abuse children within their own racial group and therefore select children that are from far less restrictive backgrounds. Also if the court transcripts are to be believed, from households that are often described as "chaotic".

But all that to one side I was talking from the viewpoint of Mr Yaxley-Lennon, as I'm sure you know.
FFS. It was acknowledged that race may have played a small part in the child abuse scandal.
This has been mentioned in the arrse thread about Rotherham.
Don't shoot the messenger!

I come in peace.

All this to'ing and fro'ing with Tommy is irrelevant really. He isn't the problem here. He is just the fountainhead for many people's frustrations in this country. People who are cowed down by draconian laws that the Police are only too happy to apply.

I'm on the side of the Police. I respect them. We need them. Keep this in mind when I say what I say.

There is a feeling among the populace of this country that the Police no longer represent the people. That they have just become bully boys for those that hold the higher power. It's easy to see how this comes about. Jobs and pensions are at risk. You can't just say "No I'm not going to do that" without losing your job, or even worse, losing the respect of your mates that fight the front line with you against the rest of the scum.

It's a fine balancing act. I don't know, but I believe most of you went in to this job to make this country a better place, to maintain order. This is a noble pursuit. I lost patience with people who blindly hate the Police - oh they were bullied in school! Whatever. Most people are ******* idiots. And lord knows we have enough scum in this country. Maybe not all of them with the balls to actually go 'rogue' and cause problems, but many who will just mouth off, because they can.

These idiots have always existed. The job of the Police has always been a difficult one.

But there is a sea change happening. Tommy is just a small catalyst for this. The people who make the higher decisions are the greater catalyst. They are stoking the fire.

Repeatedly, the Police are getting warnings from the public: Look, we don't hate you, we just want you to do your job. If you keep protecting those that attack us then we will have to take the law in to our own hands. You do not rule by divine grace, no matter what the badge says. And if you stop us from policing our own communities then we will have to start policing you as well.

Sure, the Police have weapons. They have back up. But they are losing the hearts and minds of the average man.

They have stopped investigating crimes where people have their hard-earned possessions robbed. They have stopped preventing serious damage to life and limb, where it does not suit them (see the four kids that were burned alive recently because the Police decided to take no further action).

We get it. You are provoking us. You want to see us at our boiling point. We don't want to go to war with you. You have weapons at the end of the day. But then again, we are more in number, and we are more incensed and ready to die for what we believe in.

I speak in the third party. Don't shoot the messenger. Read the comments on youtube. This is the Zeitgeist you face at the moment as an officer of the law, or whatever you call yourselves. You have authority. No one disputes that.

Do not be so dismissive of those that follow Tommy. Forget about Tommy. I'm sure he's just another charlatan and plant put out there to cause discontent. Or maybe he's not. Maybe he's genuine.

But the people have latched on to him, in the total absence of anyone else that dare stick their head above the parapet.

I'm not sure if you realise just how much this country rests on a knife edge at the moment. Forget the meat head baldy tattooed skinheads. It's the average man you need to worry about.

"Beware the fury of a patient man".

People are sick to the back teeth of being told what they can and can't say, what they can and can't think. Meanwhile, criminals are allowed free reign. The Police choose when and where to enforce the laws. This is called Anarcho-Tyranny. The laws are many but selectively enforced to the pleasure of those that don't only rule over us, but would choose to control us down to the last degree.

The cat is out of the bag. The internet is not going away. You can make as many gag orders as you want, but it only enrages people more when they feel they are being lied to, or worse, being deprived of information.

Don't shoot the messenger. I understand why this is done. The mob is never a pretty thing to deal with. And the more that situation can be kept from coming about the better.

There is a massive mob at hand at the moment. Dismiss them. Mock them. Pretend they don't exist. Question their motives. They will still be there in the morning when you wake, and they will need to be dealt with.

The public do have massive respect for the Police, believe it or not. But even they will not hold out much longer while the Police enforce petty and corrupt laws. And when there is little point in calling the Police because you have had your house burgled, or your person mugged...

This is all worst case scenario of course. I'm painting a pretty bad picture of it all. Things aren't that bad yet. But next week? Next month?

Forget about Tommy. But then again, realise he's become a bit of a demi-god. Dismiss him at your peril. He's not any more racist than a lot of the darker skinned folk in Brixton. And I say this as someone that can go drinking in the Angel on Coldharbour Lane. The moment I walk in there is the moment I start getting shit. Until the landlady comes out and says "leave him alone". Then it's all good. Racism comes in many flavours.

This isn't about racism. It's not about colour.

It might be about politics though, and that is why the Sikh community is getting involved. All kinds of cans of worms being opened up. But who am I to say who can and can not have a right to voice their opinion here in this great country of ours?

So many angles, so much complexity. But let's save the nuances for later.

There are a lot of extremely pissed off people in this country.

At least listen to what they have to say.

And don't shoot the messenger who comes in peace.

Most of us in this country want to make things work. We don't want a race war. We don't want riots with the police. We don't want to have to resort to even worse things again. Rhetorically speaking.

Is there anyone out there that will at least listen?
Are you Tommy Robinson in real life? If so I claim my £10.
It's only the middle or last name that is decreed Singh (Kaur for women) so they can have any first name they want.
We had a receptionist call Ranjit Kaur Khatkar and her husband was Billy Singh. Nice bloke who was also a special constable.
Singh means Lion. The Pakistani Punjabis use the name Khan.
As all Sikhs have to use the name Singh, it is the most common surname in the world.
Only Khalsa Sikhs must take the names Singh and Kaur, Taking Khalsa is a bit like first communion for Christians or taking Lay vows for Buddhists. I know plenty of ordinary Sikhs who didn't do this.
If we're being pedantic Buddhists take precepts rather than vows.

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You guys can go on about how he is "such a racist etc" but in my hometown I have to walk my girlfriends disabled mother around the corner to her mums so she doesnt get abuse and called a white bitch etc., I have to meet my girlfriend at the bus stop and walk back to hers with her as it's dark and many rapes happen.
I think you're Tommy Robinsons brother really aren't you? Seems to be some strange people joining this thread, I wonder why!
1) Yet many people vote for Labour because of Corbyn, not necessarily the manifesto
2) It's not his integrity that people believe in, just what he has to say especially in reference to grooming gangs and he's not been proved wrong so far.
My second point was that some posters seem to be prepared to believe that TR with his criminal background and poor character was stitched up by the judiciary, rather than accept the blindly obvious likelihood that he's in breech of his bail conditions and is potentially risking the court case by actions.

His campaigning shouldn't give him a free pass.

In fact, as has been said, if he genuinely wants to see these defendants convicted he'd wind his neck in
I think you're Tommy Robinsons brother really aren't you? Seems to be some strange people joining this thread, I wonder why!
Yeah. Amazing too that our resident left of centre arrsers were also immediately all over this thread like a tramp on chips.
I wonder why!
I have to hold my hands up here, and admit that I wasn't even aware that you could apply to a court for the release of the trial transcripts of defendant A in courtroom B.
However, it stands to reason as to why certain trial transcripts may not be so readily available.
Only downside is that court staff have been cut and there's some outsourcing on parts of it I think. Not sure, haven't been in touch for a couple of years now.
Yeah. Amazing too that our resident left of centre arrsers were also immediately all over this thread like a tramp on chips.
I wonder why!
Possibly because TR is not particularly liked by a large proportion of the UK, not just the Left minded, and they take every opportunity to say so.

I'm probably somewhere in the middle but leaning towards the Right, being fully and violently Right in my youth and I've never been impressed by attention seeking prats who think they are above the Law or better than the rest of us, in fact I despise people like that and always have.

I have absolutely no problem with anyone investigating anyone of any colour or political creed suspected of committing child abuse or terrorism of any kind, but if they don't pass any information discovered directly to the Police then it should go to journalists if the Police refuse to take action (as they often seem to do in the child abuse cases) and not made into a personality crusade.

TR is on a personality crusade.
Its tin foil hat time. I watched his face book livestream and as far as I could tell he did nothing wrong.
Later on it disappeared without trace and comments were being deleted in real time on his home page.

Then a news blackout / reporting restriction was announced so its illegal to even chat about it on here (Probably).

He comes across as reasonably intelligent but he is like a bear poking a beehive I think he knows exactly what he is doing and wants to start a shitstorm of a race war.

He is in the shit big time, and is highly likely to get shanked whilst inside.

The people who really run the country want him to shut up by any means, as some things are best left unsaid.
He does not want a race war. He is not a racist, he is not even right wing. He is a classical liberal with his politics and his only real issue is with Islam or rather it´s protected status in the UK and Europe where serious crimes are committed that can be attributed to Islam are ignored or have a blind eye turned.

This is a misconception fueled by constant misreporting by regressive leftist media.

He was risking breaching his suspended sentence for this but he was not breaching the peace. The home office hate him and fear him, he is the only person that has been able to mobilise tens of thousands of people (free speech day) and I think this frightens the home office as they want us all to just shut up and be quiet.

If you think he is a racist or a fraudster of whatever then I would encourage you to watch his talk a few years ago at Oxford university and then watch his own content on youtube at rebel media or his own channel and see for yourself what he believes.

I used to think he was some far right nutter until i stopped soaking up what the newspapers were telling me and looked into it myself and now i find myself thinking that he is a bit rough around the edges but a decent person and somebody who we need jn these troubled times

He will be lucky to make it out of prison alive this time and I am appalled at his continued poor treatment by the state. It does show that what he is doing is working though.
Only downside is that court staff have been cut and there's some outsourcing on parts of it I think. Not sure, haven't been in touch for a couple of years now.
transcripts aren't done by court staff, they are done by private firms and always have been, you have to pay for a transcript and have to tell them the date and time of the hearing you want, they listen to the the recording, type it up and send it to you
No, it was me.

Once again people aren't reading the earlier threads...
(not you, the other bloke Graculus)
I'd read it but thought that everyone would get the general idea from the post.
He doesn't strike me as having a 'messiah' type of personality tbh. So we'll have to disagree there. Self delusional? That's a common enough trait in many people.
I can't see TR as the type of person that would want to martyr himself.
We will have to agree to disagree on him, as you do. He's not daft as I've said, he's seen the power of martyrdom for the opposition, is aware how long he'll likely do and the conditions he'll be kept under so very much a calculated risk.

Don't forget that he has very, very wealthy and powerful backers in the form of Mercer's organisation(s).
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Standing up for what you believe in isn’t always a good thing.
So it would seem, especially if you believe "wrongly".
Jesus, don't you people understand 'contempt of court' and 'sub judice'?
TR has jepordised the case agaisnt the pakistani pedodphiles.
There's a famous first. Myself agreeing with the biffster.
Some jihadists are blowing themselves up, others give them a passive support. The rape phenomenon is manifistion of hatred towards the infidels.
TR quoted numbers though.
He mentioned at least 53,000 muslims, and there are least 2,000,000 in the UK, how nany of those have blown themselves up as you say?
The same goes for the rape phenomenon as you call it
While all rape needs to be sorted, there are over 20,000 people being raped each year in the UK, but perhaps as long as some groups try to make it a race issue or right wing issue the PC brigade will tread much more carefully (pretty much what happened) rather than just treat it as a crime regardless of who commited it.
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