Tommy Robinson arrested

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Its not being "suppressed", just most media don't view a racist shit stirrer breaking the terms of his suspended sentence as the Most Important News Today.

He's not a victim, just a twat.
It is being suppressed by a court order, details of which are on this thread. Whether that court order is reasonable is a matter of opinion, that it exists and is in force is a matter of fact.
I think when the state starts locking up well meaning thickos for protesting about the states failure to get to grips with islamic terrorism and islamic child abuse it rapidly loses credibility as acting in the interests of it's people to quite a significant number of people.
Bu lets stick to the issue; Yaxley-Lennon broke the terms of his suspended sentence and found to be in Contempt of Court.
Totally agree. If he'd been nicked for breach as soon as he showed up it would have been a minor matter and forgotten tommorow. The determination to jail him, that just made stuff a whole lot trickier.
The non tin foil hat view could be that eventually the OB got fed up with him?
UK is just sad. I mean turning Tommy Robinson from street thug into a political prisoner. Really get it together UK you're embarrassing yourself and people who want you to do better.

He's not a "political prisoner". Just a criminal.
When the system deliberately fails to protect thousands of English children from muslim child mollestors over decades people are quite rightly unimpressed. When identified muslim extremists who are known threats continue to be at liberty to commit murder on our streets people are quite rightly unimpressed. When the same system seems to have no limit to time and resources in trying to silence those who speak out about it people are quite rightly unimpressed.

I don't find Robinsons actions helpfull, either when he was leader of the EDL or now he's a 'journalist'. However he's a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. There does seem to be a determination to throw as many 'right wing' people under the bus as possible to portray a level playing field in which people mowing down pedestrians and blowing up kids at concerts are just one side of 'extremism' and someone missing out one 'alledged' in a blogpost is basically just as bad to feed the mantra of 'extremism exists in all communities'.
You do know the paedophile he photographed a few pages back had that good old Islamic name "Singh", don't you?
Tommy's best video. The moment he become a legend

Tommy the people's hero in Hyde Park

Looking at the top vid where Robinson basically recounts some facts that were completely in the public arena and common knowledge to all but the most simple person I'm not sure quite how he is uncovering or announcing anything.
I did note he emphasised that a publication had been downloaded 50,000 times and seemed to be inferring that the large amount of downloads was a bad or dangerous thing.
I suspect that someone who had never heard Tommy before and had no prior knowledge of the 'war' Tommy spoke of may have been in their rights to ask how many thousand attacks had resulted from the 50,000 downloads.
Perhaps they would assume that 1000-5000 would be a fair number from such a large download of something so 'dangerous'.

Am I completely missing the point that despite the 3000 muslims being watched, the 450 returnees from isis and the 50,000 downloads that there have only been a handful of attacks in this 'war' over many years?
You do know the paedophile he photographed a few pages back had that good old Islamic name "Singh", don't you?
More of an Indian name than Pakistani - but given the antipathy usually found between the 2 I would be surprised if he wasn't an Indian Muslim rather than another denomination Pakistani.

Not that the Muslim bits the elephant in the room (although convenient for some to latch on to) Its very much a cultural Issue* as the (Similar) problems in India will attest to
* Possibly with Racial connotations given the attitude white girls have less value than girls in their demographic.
There was no breach of the peace, you fishy minky.
JP Act 1361 Have a look at it. As always, it doesn't make it so because you say it. A person may act in a way as to provoke a disturbance, and such provocation may actually be innocent. Note the foundation of the law.It is a long time ago before we had many Muslims in the country ( we had quite a few jews ..maybe it was them).

The arrest in my opinion was wholly justified in terms of this catch all misdemeanour which carries a minimal / nosentence. It is a protective law . Arguments about pandering to minorities are separate.
I'd describe liberalism as a way of controlling the population just like communism perhaps the difference being that its the mind being controlled.
You would be wrong, unless you mean in the context that Capitalism etc. are controlling the population by controlling the mind.

"Liberalism is a political view based on liberty and equality. Liberals generally support civil rights, democracy, secularism, gender equality, internationalism and the freedoms of speech, the press, religion and markets."

Just read that again - freedom of speech, press, religion and a free market.
You've seen the video?
You know that he did NOTHING wrong then?
There was no breach o' the peace.
He was playing the game after being caught out (last year) and the 'law' was massaged and bent in order to arrest him and deprive him of his freedom.
If you can't see this is massively prophetic and worrying you have some big FO rocks in your head.

Democratic, free country my ringer.

Points to prove for breach of the peace.

that the behaviour of the person involved caused the police officer (or private citizen) to believe that:

  1. a breach of the peace had or would occur; and that
  2. it related to harm which was actually done or likely to be done to a person or, in his/her presence, their property.
Convicted fraudster, rabble rouser and violent offender Mr Yaxley-Lennon should think himself lucky that he isn't arrested on a far more frequent basis.
So after 14 pages, a loud mouth tosspot broke the conditions of his parole and is now locked up. What is the problem?
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