Tommy and the crane operator

Little Tommy, straight out of school and replies to an advert for a tower crane operator.
When he is wheeled in for the interview he is asked "Why does he want to be a crane operator?"
He replies that it is all he has ever wanted to be etc. so he is told to go up the crane outside and talk to Old Fred who will show him what it is all about and when he is finished up there they can discuss if he wants to continue.

So he climbs up the 300 feet to the crane cab, and old Fred takes him through all the various types of lift they do, Concrete pour, materials to various parts of the site etc etc.

Finally after a couple of hours of this Fred asks "Are there any questions?"
Well, says Tom, looking around, "What do you do if you want a piss?"
"Funny you should say that," Says Fred, "I am just going for one, but while I am out of the cab, DO NOT TOUCH anything."

Fred climbs out and starts walking down the jib to the end and starts having a wazz.
Meanwhile in the cab, Tommy leans on the control desk and accidentally nudges a lever. The crane swings through 180 degrees and Fred is thrown off, 300 feet, Splat, Stone dead.

Being the last person to see him alive, Tommy is the first witness called at the coroner's inquest.

"Well young man, as the last person to see him, maybe you can shed some light on this unfortunate accident." says the coroner.
"Well, that is easy," said Tommy. "He was a sex maniac."
"Careful, young man, that is a very serious allegation you are making there, what makes you say that?"

Well it is easy, He must have seen some totty down below as the last thing I saw of him was sailing past the cab with his cock in his hand shouting CUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNT!

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