Tombstone humour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kilo42, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. There are loads of examples of catchy little dits on gravestones, i.e "I told you I was ill" that sort of thing. what would you like on yours or anyone else's you care to think of ?
  2. Here lies a grumpy bastard
  3. Its not as if I'm going to give a fuck, I'll be dead.
  4. You're standing on my balls
  5. "see you on the re-org" with a picture of me pointing at the person standing over the grave.
  6. In really small writing so they have to get really close to read it.
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  7. from the film the royal tenenbaums, scene in a graveyard and Royal (Gene Hackman) goes past a headstone which reads something like "here lies bob smith, husband to 3 wives, father to twelve children. passed at the age of 79 saving people from a sinking ship" and decides he wants something like that on his. i agree with him.
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  8. Ah, ta must get to the flicks more
  9. One I always like is Spike Milligan : I told you I was ill.
  10. Umm.... "I See Dead People"
  11. theres one up the road that has
    j**** H**** born 19** died 19**
    and Beat his wife

    his wife was beattie,
    ffs you'd think the stone engraver would have twigged to it and pointed it out to the family that his endearment didn't look right.
  12. "Beneath this sod lies another"; the chap who wrote the Morse books, whose name has escaped me. Or was it Morse's epitaph?

    Either way, it was one or the other, and possibly both.