"Tomboy model new face of Lara Croft"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by v1n1984, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. :| what ye on about shes fairly scuttleable
  2. She patently DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A BOY!!!!!
  3. Two great quotes:

    "The self-confessed tomboy will embark on a gruelling training programme, including an SAS survival, combat and semi-automatic weapon-firing course in Eastern Europe."

    "Tomb Raider brand controller Matt Gorman said: 'Karima has all the assets needed to accurately portray the world's favourite female action hero. '"

  4. FFS!

    what a tw 8O t that woman is.
  5. You don't fancy a bit of clamjousting then, Shrew?
  6. Why? She's going on a weapon handelling course - if that makes her a tw@t, what are you implying for every member of the Armed forces ;)
  7. ... only with birds that can beat me in a fair fight, as to be honest, they'd have to it their going to munch on my particular rug. I know what team I'm on thanks, and I play down the line, with a straight bat. Anything left field just means a sticky wicket and I don't like playing off the back foot.
  8. why eastern europe too ffs. and i reckon they should make a lara croft movie where she goes to eye-rack to rescue some ancient sumerian stuff and she ends up having
    to dodge a whole load of yanks, then ends up getting picked up via Warrior, taken back to a base and thoroughly bukkakked :D then you'd get an explanation
    to the previous movie where she calls in a favour from whoever the smeg she was calling a favour from (when they airdrop her chavved up land rover)

    ahh good old tomb raider, i always user to lock the buttler in the freezer :) and swan dive from the top landing
  9. Was that a no? I never seem to understand women, when they try to talk about sport. :D
  10. ... it's not cricket, eh love. :wink:

    <... yeah, I know - the coat's on and I'm leaving alright!>
  11. looks very East European, bet she has hairy arms, never trust a woman with hairy arms.
  12. Is it the depraved imagination of an old man, or is there a hint of left nip in those pictures?