Tom & Jerry Cartoon a Jewish Conspiracy!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Sorry guys link appears now damaged or removed!!!!
  2. 'Hitler started the anti-semitic trend'

    Bloody hell, a 'trend'.

    An academic uses any opportunity to indoctrinate the student body with his personal anti-Jewish, anti-Israel doctrine?

    Was it a British university?

    It's amazing how many ways cartoons can be interpreted, I used to argue for a laugh that Tom & Jerry was in fact Nazi propaganda.

    The hero 'Jerry', clearly a reference to Germany, is a small, quick witted and intelligent creature, under constant attack from 'Tom', an amalgam of neighbouring states, particularly the British. 'Tom' an insatiably violent and aggressive animal, intent on total domination of the house answers only to some unseen master, which although only glimpsed is clearly a stereotye of a 1930s black american, obviously representing both the United States and the Jewish conspiracy against aryans etc etc. Jerry, in spite of being smaller manages to defeat his enemies due to his superior wits.

    Goebbels couldn't do better, and we let our kids watch this!
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I KNEW IT! When I first saw Tom bashing Jerry and chasing around that garden, I thought to myself "Do you know what, this looks suspiciously like a Jewish conspiracy to me!"

    Evil, pure evil.
  4. Heard it all now!!

    Actually, I thought 'Pinky & The Brain' was conspiratorial!! :eek:
  5. Pinky and the Brain WAS conspiratorial.

    Those filthy Jewish vermin....
  6. Next week: 'Why Daffy Duck is a f**kin Commie'
  7. Don't worry about Tom & Jerry. The Simpsons is supposed to be a funny take on American life. It is however a chinese conspiracy to teach Americans that it is okay to be lazy and slovenly, don't worry about learning your job, disrespect your parents and life is all about beer and doughnuts.

    HMMMMM Doughnuts
  8. Bring back 'Worker and Parasite'
  9. Only in jest. :) and purely for arguments sake.

    A good theory so far, but where does Spike the dog fit in. Often seen pounding poor old Tom while still in appeasement with jerry. (edited to add) Smacks of American Media to me

    p.s Tommorow we can discuss the merits of Wiley Coyote as an Arms Dealer to Third world Countries.

  10. I wonder if Popeye & Olive Oil will be noted as a "Porno" cartoon?
  11. Were the Munsters Jewish?

    edited to add: according to wikipedia, Betty Boop was an Orthodox Jew :? .
  12. It is a wonder that Iran hasn't tried to use this to their advantage, showing them as Jerry, the US as Tom the agressor and Spike as Allah pounding on the West. Or better still, you could apply the same reasoning to the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the seventies. We have already seen Jihad Mickey Mouse in the Occupied Territories, why not Islamic Al-Tom and Bin-Jerry.

    Ooops Have I just started another conspiracy theory.

  13. Thank god these guys spend their time worrying about crap like this. It's this reason they're not a world power.