Tom Cruise to Fly again!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Harry_Boomers, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. It appears Tom cruise is to take to the Sky’s again. This time though he is going to be playing an American WW2 Hurricane pilot called Billy Fiske, who was killed during the Battle of Britain.

    The Film is called ‘The Few’ and I’m guessing this film will be a “ How America won the Battle of Britain”

    I can just picture the scene of Tiny Tom pedalling along the runway on his Bicycle at Tangmere as a Hurricane takes off!
  2. Hmmm, wonder if they're auditioning for the part of the boxhead who shot him down?

    I'd put in a very realistic performance
  3. Not impressed, American pilots may have flown in the Battle of Britain but it certainly does not warrant a Tom Cruise mega movie.
    No doubt it will completely distort history as per usual.
    Real numbers of pilots of varying nationalities

    Might have been more impressed if he played a Pole.....
  4. Strut Jack wrote:

    Hmmm-usual suspects would be Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart or anyone else British. Perhaps that's why the Septics shoot at us so much- they associate the Brits with the villains in movies...
  5. RTFQ


    The Brits will be portayed as either simpletons with pitchforks or evil Senior Officers hell bent on bureaucracy (i can never spell that bloody word) and stopping Tom defeating Fritz on his lonesome. Oh and he'll shag keira knightly along the way, thus sticking that final boot in: "Not only did we stop the Looft-wafer from destroying your airbases after the Nimitz and Iwo Jima pulled your ass out of the fire at Dunkirk, but we also shagged all your women too*!"

    And Tom Cruise? If we were really in trouble, i'd like to think that the special relationship would stretch to sending someone a little more useful than a midget actor, even if he does look remarkably like me.

    *In order to avenge my ancestors' honour, I have endeavoured so that (at the time of writing) at least two of you spams have daughters who have 'entertained' me in the bottom and mouth. Not consecutively though, that would be gross.
  6. Of course! That's why it's Tom Cruise, short enough to fit in a Hurricane.
  7. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What? Are they using an Airfix one?
  8. Billy Fiske was in fact a short arse. And a bloody hero, although IIRC there's no record of him shooting any Nazis down.

    Good on the guy for standing up for freedom, a full 18 months before most of his countrymen.

    If you think about it, he helped us to save America - if the Krauts had won the battle of Britain, they might have subsequently got their mitts on our Navy and the French too, thus making the US of A a pushover.
  9. I'm sure that it will get the usual Hollywood treatment and be a bag of b0llocks. Without wishing to do a dis-service to the man, he is not even a big name in the Battle of Britain. brave to volunteer but only shot down one enemy on 13th Aug 40.

    Web Page Name

    If Hollywood wanted to make a good film about the BoB they could have swallowed their over-developed pride and chosen one of the real stars and characters from the battle. Instead, in their arrogant Yank way, they have to big up one of their own.

    I shall watch the film but sneer all the way through. It will not be as good as the the Battle of Britain from the 70s.
  10. ............who have 'entertained' YOU in the bottom and mouth?????????...thats a very enlightened way of looking at it 8O
  11. RTFQ


    What the one with the Yank as lead in order to get funding for the project? :wink:

    Fair point though, it should be emphasized that we're mocking Hollywood, not the blokes that walked the walk in WW2.
  12. RTFQ



    Should read.... Oh forget it.
  13. :roll: I can see it now!

    Cruise: "Yeeeeehah, Fritzys dead.......requesting flyby!"

    Tower: "Fraid not old boy...the pattern is rather full....terribly sorry"

    Cue Cruise pulling barrel rolls, tearing past the tower, as curly moustachioed RAF types spill their tea
  14. Correct on the slight being directed at Hollywood and not The Few.

    As for casting a Septic as lead, at least he played a Canadian in the film thus keeping some historical realism.

    Anyway, he was completely overshadowed by Ian "Lovejoy" McShane.
  15. Who would play the old'ndays Goose tho?? (I'm voting for 'The Rock')