Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by rabid spaniel, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. How? 6 ft 5 in and 50 inch chest?

  2. Thanks for that.
  3. Brilliant.

    Can this thread be drowned in a weir please?
  4. Pleasure all mine - highlight of an otherwise very dull afternoon.

    This is the Films etc. thread? This is an upcoming film. I think the casting is bone.
  5. I think it has potential
  6. He can't be that shit of an actor. He's doubtless made more money out of acting than yours and my combined salary throughout our entire working lives. In fact the twats probably made more than that in one of his films.
  7. I thought he was pretty much shite as the 6ft 5in one-eyed, one-armed Graf Von Stauffenberg in 'Valkyrie'. He must have spent most of the movie standing on a large box, like Willy Carson does when he's seen commentating with Clair Baldock.

  8. I'll give the film a go. Remember Lee Child backed T.C. as Reacher, saying he had the presence on screen to play someone of Reacher's stature. Also Cruise bought the movie rights awhile back.

    Maybe the next film could be called "Reacheround".
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  9. The Lee Child novels are pretty mediocre so won't be holding my breath for the flick.
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  10. Just watched the trailer , Oh dear .

    It was careful to say it was based on Jack Reacher stories so maybe a badly hashed storyline, rather than the story of One Shot . Why is it called Jack Reacher ? Has this fucked up the chance of more Reacher books being filmed ?

    If I was going to film a Reacher book it would probably be Killing Floor or Tripwire
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

  12. Translation of the text in Red: "Whoooooohooooo boy have they give me a shit load of money! Kenny Baker can play him for all I care. Say anyone know if they make yachts out of solid gold and where all whores at?".

    Blue text: "We have given the Author a Boatload of money."
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