Tom Clancy - a poseur?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bugsy, May 24, 2006.

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  1. I've read a few books by Tom Clancy and really enjoyed them. However, I've had a shuftie on the old internet to try and find some military background to him but failed. But I might have missed something.

    What gives me food for thought are the emarrassingly "Rambo" piccies in of him in most of his novels depicting him in Septic Navy/Marine garb and I wonder why he finds it necessary if he's the real deal.

    Was he ever in the Septic military in any capacity?

  2. You can't have searched very hard:

    Says a lot for the organisation of the US military.
  3. Thanks for the tip, puttees! I've still to suss the compelxities of t'internet.

  4. Good lead though. I'd always thought he was ex-USAF.
  5. Thought his early books were great. I was freaking Ace on ‘Boomers’, for a pongo that is! :D
  6. The guy is a creepy, tinted glasses wearing walt.
  7. Has anyone read Rainbow six? Its ok, but I couldnt go on with it cuz all of the SAS had RP English accents, constantly said "jolly good" and smoked pipes (no i'm not joking). He has alot of respect for the British military though, so i'll give him that.
  8. A few flaws in Rainbow 6 iirc he had an English preimer leauge team playing some crap Scottish side in a 'big match' that was on in the back ground in a pub. He also wrote about UK servicemen singing gay American cadence songs as they ran along... Still a good read - the game was good fun too.

    The Bear and the Dragon was enjoyable - had Russia joining Nato and a brief mention of BAOR getting sent eastwards to fight the Chinese. The sum of all fears was better than the w@nk film....

    Those are the only ones I have read, but I too thought he was ex-forces. Do you think Jack Ryan is who he really wants to be?
  9. He has claimed in the past to have attempted to join some branch or another but was turned down for physical reasons. No way of knowing how true that is so he would seem to get the benefit of doubt on it. As to his pics wearing military garb, he is fairly well thought of in military circles for portraying them in only the best light. Notice how no one ever fouls up in a big way in his books unlike reality. Hence, he has great access to military instalations for photo opportunities and plenty souvenier hats, jackets etc to wear whilst being photographed.
  10. Some of his stories are good, but the characters in them are all second-rate stereotypes:

    The Tough-Guy Marine

    The Maverick Sub Skipper

    The Cowboy Fighter-Pilot

    The CIA Agent with a concience

    The fat bastard really ought to have spent some time getting to know the people he claims to admire :evil: :evil:
  11. Like the 2-seat ASW Harrier in The Hunt For Red October?
  12. I haven't read Tom Clancy since 'Patriot Games' where he had HRH Prince Charles say things like 'It's OK Jack, call me Charlie - I like that' and miserably drooling descriptions of Diana.

    And the fact that the IRA blokes were all really bog Irish and kepy saying 'Boyo!' in loud voices all over the place.

    Oh, and in 'Red Storm Rising' he has a bootneck Sgt say 'You mean I've been trying to walk a fcuking marathon runner into the ground?'

    Quick tip Clancy - running 26 miles and tabbing 50 with your own body weight on your back are very different skills.

    And his sleeve photos freak me out as well - good call Berni.
  13. iirc he gave a talk to the FBI at quantico several years ago, by all accounts he very much believes his own pr and didn't impress his audience too much with his I know better than you attitude.

    you may be confusing him with Larry bond, who everyone forgets co-wrote 'Red Storm Rising' (basically he did a lot of the technical stuff and fought the battles in the book using his game rules for Harpoon)
    whom served with the US Navy.

    right anorak off, I'm taking my egg sandwitches, up the station to watch the trains
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I prefer Stephen Coonts(Ex USN Vietnam Intruder pilot),Dale Brown(Ex USAF B52 navigator) & Richard Herman jnr (Ex USAF F-4 Phantom pilot.
    Their books are more discriptive & a better ad,especially as they write about what they know.Stephen Coonts book 'Flight of the Intruder' was turned into a film &,like most Hollywood adaptations,butchered!!
  15. I think in Red Storm Rising hes pictured in a USS Iowa baseball cap.

    That book sparked my interest in all things military, a great read.

    He went rapidly downhill after Rainbow Six though.

    Provos attacking Hereford? lol