Tolerance of rank incompetence. Time for change.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gun_Empty, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Can anyone else think of any organisation that is not only so tolerant of incompetence but actually rewards it? I am not aware of anyone in government or the civil service that has resigned or been sacked as a result of incompetence. The Dome? Procurement? Olympics? The list goes on yet apparently it is never anyone's fault. The only career stopper for them seems to be inappropriate events in their private lives not competence in their public roles. Where is the accountability to prevent future incompetence? :x :x

    Will there be any politician that has a shred of honour to say, when appropriate: 'I am responsible for this situation therefore I feel duty-bound to tender my resignation with immediate effect'.? The current status quo of unaccountable governance has led to revolt elsewhere.
  2. In any organisation, people are always promoted to their level of incompetance :-D
  3. I personaly feel that when one fcuks up of this magnatude, one should stay and rectify it beofre seeking solice with the mess webley (or sharpend paper knife for those malignent Whitehall cnuts)!
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Good in principle where the fcuk up is accidental or a one off. But these people are so grossly incompetent that they mucked it up so badly in the first place. what chance have they got of sorting out the mess afterwards?
  5. I completely agree that for big fcuk ups, heads should role.
    On the other hand, if you got rid of everyone who was partly or predominantly responsible for wasted money or grand incompetance, there'd be no one left to run the country.
  6. "so tolerant of incompetence"

    There's plenty of incompetence in every cav officers mess. They all seem to keep on keeping on!
  7. Ah, good point, well put!

    The sort of person you are describe are a blessing to English teachers as they allow them to compose a grammaticaly correct sentence using only the word 'fcuk':

    Fcuking fcuker's fcuking fcuked! Ok, there's an apostraphy 's' in there too I grant you, but you get my point.

    Further to my main point then, they'd probably miss with the webley and kill a passer by or break the knife!

    Death of a thousand paper cuts anyone?
  8. The German Government has had a spate of these ' It was my fault, I'll Go' But how do they go:

    Full pay for 1 yr
    1/2 pay for 4 yrs
    Lump sum

    Boy, that'll teach him not to do it again! Who said crime doesn't pay!
  9. I see no career stoppers, only sabbaticals till a gravy-train rolls by. Mandelson, anyone?
  10. Ooooh Nooo - Stop It! (Frankie Howard voice). Oh I haven't laughed so much in ages.

    There is not a hope in hell of any of these lot going - DozyBint got it right on. Mind you God knows what (or where :twisted: ) Mandelson would have put the Mess Webley?

    Strangely I don't think it's because of a noses in troughs situation - which would be understandable if inexcusable. The barstewards are so arrogant that they actually believe they are doing a good job and know what's best for us.
  11. Which is a very frighten thing.
  12. On that basis I'd volunteer to fcuk up anything you like!! :D
  13. Mandelson (only gay in the village) and Blunkett (the true embodiment of the belief that justice is blind) are the two single most incompetents in the political wind at the moment.

    They're also c0cks.
  14. Remember the expression "lead by example?"

    Well look at the t@~t leading them! Get rid of him and we may see an altogether better standard of politician!
  15. were majors lot any better I think after 10 year most partys have run out of ideas :(