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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by paddi-8764, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. I failed my main board last march and I'm planning on trying again after the summer. In my feedback letter they stated that "I might benefit from some time in the TA". At the time I took this on board and I contacted the TA on several occasions but they seemed to have no interest as they either sent me in circles or wouldn't write back. From others I've spoken to the TA in Northern Ireland seems to be a bit rubbish, to say the least, especially regarding trying to join (It took one friend a full year to get anything sorted and he was ex army, not sure if that has any relevance).
    Any way, The main question is could this hurt my chances second time round as I'm worried It will look as though I've effectively given two fingers to their helpful advice and decided to power on regardless.
    To be brutally honest I have no interest in joining the TA (no offence meant to anyone in the TA) as I want to join as a regular officer.
    A bit of a ramble there but I'd appreciate any feedback even if it’s to politely tell me to "F off".
  2. Sounds like you have tried really hard to enquire about the TA, most units are happy for people to come down on a drill night and have a chat. I know it is of little interest but well done on showing real hunger and desire to get in front of these people. Why should they be bothered to take somebody and invest time and money in their development when you have not tried every method of contact.

    It may seem like you have tried but, have you really? when the VP is sitting down in front of you how much hunger does it show? Will they think at least he tried. Chances are that your time in the TA will be of little interest but it will have shown a strength of desire. in essence if the board said you will benefit and you have done the very minimum to make contact, ask yourself the question "how much do I want this?". Or was this post (on a public forum) a rhetorical question that you do not want answered? As you seem to have answered it in your orignal post.
  3. 1) Rubbish compared to what? Have you spoken to anyone who has joined the TA in GB?
    2) Which units were they joining?
    3) Where are you roughly? Greater Belfast, the West, The North Coast?
    4) Was there any context to suggest WHY you would benifit from the TA. Perhaps you could find an alternative activity to develop that aspect.
  4. Why do you think you would benefit from some time in the TA? What weakness did they identify that would be remedies by some time in the TA?

    I doubt the TA will be interested in you as you will be off the the Regular Army as soon as you have passed your AOSB. Maybe you should look elsewhere to find the qualities they perceive that you lack.

  5. Good points. It seems pretty unrealistic advice from AOSB. With initial processing and security clearances, you'd make very little progress in the time available and it's unlikely to benefit you at all. As said, given current constraints on budget and a focus on recruiting to mobilise, you are not much use to the TA. Suggest you find out what you need to develop and look at addressing those needs through voluntary work, an expedition or something similar.

    Bon Chance Mon Brave!
  6. Rubbish as In they don’t seem to bother themselves, I wrote a few letters to that unit you mentioned included contact details but got no reply, I phoned the unit directly to try and arrange an interview but was told politely not to call back and that I must have been mad if I thought I could just arrive for an interview (things are still a bit “if-y” over here). I called the TA HQ in conjunction to the “shamrock challenge” where your first year is condensed into four weeks residential training, gave my name and contact details but heard nothing back, when I contacted them again they had never heard of me and that years intake was full.
    The friend I mention is ex royal Irish has been for a few years and it took him over a year of the TA messing him around before he was sworn in. I’m not really sure how it works but that’s the story I was told.
    Regards failing my main board I did pretty poorly in the assault course, my written plan ex wasn’t great and they said I didn’t have enough input during the current affairs discussion. Those are things I feel I can easily rectify myself with out “benefiting from some time in the TA”.
    I personally can’t see how joining the TA would benefit my current affairs, I’ve taken up climbing and greatly improved my upper body strength and general all round confidence for the assault course and I am working on the plan-ex.
  7. It might be worthwhile joining just to demonstrate your determination to become a leader. Either that, or come up with a really good interview answer for your next attempt at the main board, about why you decided you couldn't be arrsed to take their advice.

    If you're near Belfast, why not try B (North Irish Horse) Sqn. QOY who can be found at Dunmore Park TAC (tel. 028 9226 0318).

    If you want to avoid being messed around in the paper chase to join, make sure you turn up at the correct time with the corect paperwork (and plenty of PMA).
  8. That Bn you tried to join is seriously over subscribed at the minute- Im my loc we can and are being extremely picky about who we bother with. I for one would not even entertain the idea of you joining as you will be of absolutly no use to the Coy or Bn. Anyway your applying to be an officer i take it- grow some backbone and get yourself away on a 6 month charity ex-ped or something similar i.e. test yourself, everything you 'lack' will come from that. It will stand you much better during the board than running around with a bunch of TA recuits for 6 weeks.
  9. Oh and the whole ex Royal Irish thing was not the Bn fault- i experienced it too. Glasgow had real isssues with transfering people who had been made redundant as it had never happened before and JPA basically pissed itself.

    Anyway i knew loads of the guys who were trying to get in and the 1 year 'cool off' period got rid of about 70% of the throbbers who were looking to transfer so all in all it was a good thing.
  10. You cant have tried that hard OP. We had 2 guys tip up at our TAC on Tuesday night and ask about joining. Last I saw them one of the guard was escorting them to the recruiting office.

    2 Royal Irish are, I believe, due to deploy a company on Herrick in the near future and have been deploying people regularly over the last few years. As Shimna has said they have no shortage of blokes wanting to join and have nothing to gain from taking you on and spending time and money training you just so you can fcuk off if/when you pass AOSB.

    Couple that with the funding crisis of last year, which resulted in my own unit basically stopping training from the end of September until January, (Im not 2RIR so dont know how it affected them) and its not hard to see they werent interested in taking you on.

    Im sure if you had managed to join your attitude would have served you well though........ in the rubbish Northern Ireland TA unit........ that you didnt really want to join in the first place.
  11. You didn't army parlance, you were unsuccessful! (patronising head off now)

    Re joining the TA, and I can only speak for my unit which in London, our potential officers/officer cadets are put into the UOTC until RMAS. Give your local one a ring and explain to them as they might be able to help you. Even if they cannot help you, it will help you in any later AOSB in that you can say you at least made enquiries down several avenues.

    Queen’s University Officers’ Training Corps
    Tyrone House
    83 Malone Road
    BT9 6SJ
    Tel: 028 9226 0464/0461
  12. This seems to turned on me a bit! I've no problem with the TA, but on the other hand I have no interest in it. I was just asking if the fact that I didn't join as suggested would reflect badly on me. Basically wondering if I'm in for a bashing during the interviews!
  13. You have applied for a job in which you were initially unsuccessful. They, however, have "suggested" you go down an avenue that may help you get into that job at a later stage. You reapply, and you very politely tell them that their suggestion wasn't heeded as you didn't have any interest in doing the job that you are applying for part-time. What do you think their reaction is going to be?
  14. This unit has an excellent Regular R Irish RSM.