Told me boss im joining

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by derder, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Filled out me forms, done me barb, waiting to get my med forms signed and then realised I should tell me boss i'm joining up.....Told him and he's behind me all the way! Why did I tell my boss this early in the recruiting process you ask? Bloody put him down as a referee and wasn't thinking :oops: lol Anyways he's behind me on it so all cool lol
  2. thats cool, what job ya going for? i just got my forms signed as well

    all the best with med forms
  3. Cheers ffmaster,

    well I was originally going to go for light gun or combat med tech but my ca told me to go for a more techy trade like communications or something so i'm a bit confused now.....i'm having a little look see at the stuff he gave me but still like the thought of light gun or the rapier missiles :p .

    What you going for?
  4. That's good mate, my boss is supportive as well :D
    One of my friends is also joining up, and we have to get a reference from our headteacher as well, well head of 6th form actually. But apparently he put on my friends reference something like 'I'm glad to hear he's joining the army, best place for him!' !! Which is quite odd seeing as my mate isn't a trouble maker, and he's quite intelligent.. I think our head of 6th form only likes people who are going to uni ;)

    Edit: My CA said I should go for something a bit more technical too...when I told him I wanted to go for Army Air Corps!
  5. Uni is probably a million times easier than the army lol but least we wont have thousands of debt and possibly no career lol
  6. Go for whatever job appeals to you most mate. My CA also told me to go for a more technical trade, but I'm sticking by my guns for HCav. You can always have a tech trade as your second or third choice.
  7. You are lucky, My manager knew I was applying as they were also down as a reference. They were not happy and when I came to ask for 2 days off for selection they refused the holiday citing business needs. I took the days off anyway however I was later informed this constituted Gross Misconduct and I was sacked.

    Oh well got in the army so once I start it won't matter much, just a pain finding work for the 4 months between my selection and start date.
  8. MY CA said the same that i should go for something more techy, but i went for infantry (royal anlgians)

    2nd i put down was AS90 gunner
    4rd was light run roll.

    (apparently he said there are usually only 2 light gun sign-ups a month)
  9. Mate, dont go Rapier, its a dead duck nowadays. You would be totally limited where you go.

    I was on Rapier although in the RAF in the 80s and it was a pile of junk then but at least you could get around.
  10. Cheers blindfire.....might stay away from them then lol Quite attracted to combat medical tech? anybody got any thoughts on that trade?
  11. CMT is down as my second choice. I think it might be a bit of thankless task, but one which is very rewarding to yourself, and it gives you a good qual to come out with should you desire to go back to civvy strasse.