Tokyo Olympics 2021 - why ?


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Does it matter ? any sporting event will now come with a 20 minute tribute to our brave euro football "hero's" who either won or were robbed of the euro title in 2021.I notice todays BBC front page is wall to wall football.
Those companies that have pumped millions of dollars into advertising at the venues would probably disagree.
As I said up thread. Follow the money.
The infection rates will only get worse. I can see whole events cancelled or devalued due to athletes withdrawing. A large part of me wants it to fail and for the sponsors to lose a wedge........... I a bad person?
A large part of me wants it to fail and for the sponsors to lose a wedge........... I a bad person?
No, just lacking empathy ;)

The sponsors can jump in a lake - but think about the athletes, who at a minimum have spent the last five years working towards this event. Many have given up careers and income in order to compete (e.g. Sir Chris Hoy earned peanuts during the years he competed; Sir Steve Redgrave likewise), government-sponsored athletes may have their livelihood dependent on it; not to mention the fact that if your sport misses its medal target, UK Sport cuts your funding).

But leaving out the big-name athletes - there are a couple of hundred athletes in the GB team, but only a handful have any form of high profile, sponsorship, or advertising deal. Many are surviving on the Bank of Mum / Dad / Partner, knowing that there won't be a Cinderella outcome, even if they do win a medal. The amateurs among them might even be taking unpaid leave from an employer to attend - I know several people who've had to do that to attend a Commonwealth Games.

So; a clubmate is there, competing for GB. The judoka who carried out firstborn's very first grading is there, thirteen years after she attended a GB hopefuls event in Beijing, successful in qualifying after her third Olympic cycle. I really hope it succeeds, and they get their best chance to show what they can do, against the best in the world.

After all, who wants to win just because their opponent is having a bad day? You want to measure your best performance against the rest, knowing that they were on top form and had no excuses [1].

Citius, Altius, Fortius.

[1] When a BBC crew member knocked over, and broke, Malcolm Cooper's rifle at the 2008 Seoul Olympics; it was the Soviet team armourer who glued and pinned it, allowing him to compete and win Gold.


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As the OP, I genuinely wish Japan and every athlete taking part the very best of luck.

Let's hope I and the other Jeremiahs crying

'They're all D-O-O-O-OM-E-D ! '

are proved profoundly wrong .


PS Dear Jade, kick some heads!
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The Olympic events are not free of violence and disrespect.


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Unlucky Jonesey - obliviated by a Persian refugee....dagnabbit

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